When you have some time How about a post for us to hang on the sidebar detailing how you day trade the Kamikazi’s

Include your preferred method as of now which is based on a lot of trial and error here at the tent over the last 2.5 years.

Indicators / Moving averages , chartology patterns divergences and more . What combination of TA voodoo do you use to battle these dragons and what time frames do you trade exactly ?

Eagle was one of the first to post here ..seems like a long time ago …but only 2.5 years. Early on he was often working and posting for himself and maybe a half dozen lurkers. He calls this Momentum trading. he is also a master of Divergences, Wanna get a headache fast…study these things …LOL

You too can learn to day trade these wild things…much more dangerous and exciting than poker or darts. You don’t need to go to the casino or legion …just play the worlds most fascinating and dangerous real life game with the calculated gambling techniques Eagle shares with you daily .

Picture Eagle Seagle flyng low over Land and Water searching for Fish and Rodents whatever morsels he can scavenge

Sometimes he’s the Predator and Sometime the Prey .But net net he is thriving

Watch and learn from the Eagle …and no he doesn’t charge. He hones his craft here and has been trading very nicely thank you.

The only thing Eagle asks in return is that his students refrain from fighting in class during trading hours, He doesn’t like distractions 🙂