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This is from the Cat Man ( El Gato Malo )

This guy is a BRILLIANT Statistician and his interpretation requires some work …which he so eloquently explains

Wow….The real results are Stunning.

2X Vaxxed and 3x Vaxxed people are MUCH more highly represented in the Omocron cases than the Unvaxxed

Proof Positive that the vaccine is causing cases to explode. This is ADE in real time now !

He also uncovers and Explains the Purposeful attemot by the PTB to skew the Numbers towards the Unvaxxed

Would YOU believe a Person who has had the 3rd does but is less than 2 weeks out…Is considered an UNVAXXED case ?

Even then the numbers show a HUGE Difference in the Number of Vaxxed 2X and 3X vs the O timers.

Lots of Charts needed to get to the Bottom Line..which is THIS

An Individual who is Double Vaxxed is 11 Times More Likely to get Omicron than an Individual who is Unvaxxed

An Individual who is Triple vaxxed is 6 times more likely

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perhaps just the Graph unless someone wants the source…which is impecable