The reality of tyrannical control in Smart Cities has shifted from Conspiracy Theory to Conspiracy Fact.
It is critically important to read carefully and fully digest the information posted on this Canadian website.

Snippets from a Government of Canada Website:

To provide one example, smart city technologies used to manage traffic or transportation might collect data that provide a picture of individuals’ movements in a city, and other related data. This personal information could be collected from sensors, such as audio and video recording devices or vehicle licence plate readers, or from personal mobile devices.

Data exploitation:
Smart cities will collect and operate by processing huge volumes of personal and corporate data produced through interactions with, and usage of, smart infrastructure. This data can provide valuable insights for threat actors, including profiles and patterns of life of Canadians. In the hands of a threat actor, this data can be exploited to enable activities that compromise the safety and security of Canadians (e.g.espionage, foreign interference) and Canadian critical infrastructure.