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I just got an email from them …

* In a recent WEF video, they admit that they have “failed miserably” (= their exact words!) with the attempt to vaccinate the entire world population.

* They are failing in the attempt to suppress truth. All their attempts to censor the voice of truth only results in truth becoming more powerful than ever before.

* They failed with monkeypox. Despite their attempts to tell the world there was another pandemic, nobody even takes notice.

* They fail in their attempts to destroy Russia, that is busy taking out one of their main headquarters in Ukraine.

* They fail in suppressing patriots worldwide. There are more patriots today than ever before in history, who fight hard to preserve the rights and freedoms of the people!

* They fail in keeping election fraud a secret. More than ever, their strategy to position corrupt politicians in governments, is being exposed, and this will only increase.

* They are failing in their media monopoly, which is literally beginning to crumble. Viewership of mainstream media is at an all time low, and they even openly admit that the public no longer trusts them. New media are emerging worldwide.

* They are failing in the pharmaceutical world, where their corruption is more exposed than ever. Millions of health care workers know – for the first time in their life – that Big Pharma is a criminal cartel.

* They are failing with their LGBTQA+ agenda, as countless parents are rising up fiercely to oppose their attempts to desire the identity of children worldwide.

* They are failing with their climate change hoax, as numerous scientists are speaking out against this massive lie, and powerful documentaries are being released to expose how the weather and climate are in fact manipulated by these criminals.

And they are failing in many other areas…

They are digging their own grave! Everything they do exposes them even more.
Keep revealing truth! Keep praying. Don’t give up. The breakthrough is happening and it will only get bigger. The world is waking up and that awakening has only just begun!

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I am sending donations tonight to all these great freedom fighter websites

This is how we Win !!