From Jeff Childers today

A new study published in the Lancet last week concluded, COVID-19 vaccines have “minimal” impact on preventing transmission of the delta strain. MINIMAL. Like, very very little. The groundbreaking findings showed that fully vaccinated infected people infected others in their household slightly MORE (25%) as unvaccinated people did (23%). The researchers also found that vaccinated people were only somewhat less likely to contract the virus (25%) compared with the unvaccinated (38%).

A related op-ed published in the Boston Herald — of all places — relies on the study to argue that injection mandates don’t make any sense. If people want PERSONAL protection, they can get the shots. Otherwise, getting the shot helps no one.

The study is titled, “Impact of Delta Variant and Vaccination on SARS-CoV-2 Secondary Attack Rate Among Household Close Contacts.” The researchers concluded that “close-contacts of vaccinated Delta-infected indexes did not have statistically significant reduced risk of acquisition compared with unvaccinated Delta-infected indexes.”