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? You remember yesterday I wrote up the distraction story of the day, the Russian coup. Well, it’s all over. It took less than 24 hours.

How it started:

Haha. Wishful thinking, Atlantic.

Hilarity ensured during the mid-day transition yesterday between elation and liberal despair. Pro-Ukrainian war bloggers — who’d ALWAYS branded Yevgeny Prigozhin a war criminal — discovered their new love for the formerly odious “Wagner Group” and its colorful, hyper-masculine commander. They were “Freedom fighters!”

But by the end of the day, the Wagnerians were terrorists again

It was the fastest one-day psyop in history. If it weren’t for double standards, you’d think liberals had no standards at all. But being a leftist means you never have to explain your flip-flopping.

Yesterday morning, while the short-lived “coup” was still in progress, I was repeatedly roasted in the C&C Comments by pro-Ukrainian forces who were 100% sure that THIS TIME it was all over for their great satan and their target of never-ending ire, Vladimir Putin. Here’s just one example, which labeled me a “desperate flailer” and a “denier:”

The New York Times, which ran no fewer than SEVEN breathless front-page stories yesterday morning excitedly announcing the burgeoning civil war in Russia — all seven stories published right at the top of the Times’ web page, too — was forced late in the day to run a disappointed infographic showing that the civil war was really just a short nothing-burger of a troop movement

As far as I could tell, the UK Daily Mail was the first mainstream source to report the rapid turnaround in the early afternoon yesterday, in an article headlined, “Wagner Coup Fails: Prigozhin Abandons March on Moscow and Will Be EXILED to Belarus as Kremlin Says There’ll Be No Regime Change in the Russian Military Despite Armed Mutiny From Mercenary Group.”

Here’s how the Daily Mail described the amazing deal, a deal that appears to have been easily negotiated nearly instantaneously:

Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin will be exiled to Belarus and face no charges for his group’s failed mutiny against Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin has said, after he gave a sensational order to his army to halt their march on Moscow and retreat. Coup accusations against the mercenary chief have been dropped, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed tonight, adding that there will be no change of military leadership within Russia despite the humiliating crisis. Prigozhin’s men will not be charged, Moscow said, while the fighters who did not participate in the uprising will sign contracts with the Ministry of Defence.
And that was that! C&C readers who followed my suggestion and waited to see what would happen were rewarded, as usual.

Then, late in the day, a few new rumors began making the rounds. Note that none of this confirmed, so we’ll wait to see what happens. But it is fascination to think about.

First, actual corporate media-confirmed news emerged that, days before it ever happened, top U.S. officials had been briefed by our intelligence agencies (CIA) about Prigozhin’s planned coup. The briefing occurred “earlier this week:”

So, WE already knew, even though Putin didn’t know. But… HOW did we know?

Yesterday a rumor began swirling around amongst the more reliable independent sources, claiming the CIA paid Wagner mercenary Prigozhin $6.2 BILLION DOLLARS to defect and lead a coup against his homeland. But unlike certain officials in this country, who shall remain nameless except that their name rhymes with BUY-THEM, Prigozhin did not actually take the bribe, but triple-crossed the CIA and worked with Putin from the beginning to stage an APPARENT coup.

The notion is that the CIA would only pay after Prigozhin had committed himself to the rebellion, so the mercenary boss and President Putin put on a gigantic show for them — until the money came through.

Then, kaput, as Ze Germans would say.

Obviously there’s no way to confirm this story. And even if it were true the CIA would bury a colossal blunder like this underneath the JFK Assassination files or the Bay of Pigs plans. But if it IS true, it would neatly explain all the presently-unexplainable elements of this bizarre one-day non-story.

The second rumor that started making the rounds late yesterday is that the Russian FBI has begun rounding up all the ne’er-do-wells who supported the so-called “coup.” Meaning other people, people outside the Wagner group. The Wagner troops have already (!) all been pardoned or merged into the Russian regular army.

It’s another colossal backfire for the West, the latest in a long series of humiliating backfires. Even if just by exposing Putin’s enemies, this “coup” will probably wind up making him even stronger than he was before.

Putin also has the option of going public with the CIA bribery story — even if it never happened – and becoming a hero to his people.

And imagine how the story could evolve if Prigozhin had recorded any of the communications with CIA operatives.

The only people who don’t see what’s going on are the schills in corporate media and democrats. Elon Musk gets it, as evidenced by his meme-Tweet this week: