What doesn’t kill You , Makes You Stronger.

We now know through Multiple Observations and Studies :

Natural Immunity is Robust and Long Lasting and offers immunity to all Variants


Artificial Immunity ( Vaxx) is Narrow Short Term and does not offer immunity to Variants and indeed “creates” them .


We also Know that a large percent of the population who acquire natural Immunity do so very very easily with minor or NO symptoms .


A significant portion of the population acquire Artificial Immunity only after unpleasant ” side effects”


We also know that Natural Immunity is Extremely Dependable for 99.6% of everyone who has an active “case” and this includes people who are Old and Sick

Which is far superior than the Quoted 95% “Efficacy” purported to be only for the first month or two
from Artificial Immunity .


As always Natural ( from Nature ) which as been around for Eons.. Trumps.. Artificial ( Man Made)
as Man has only been around for a few Centuries.

Nature has practiced this stuff far longer and is much wiser than man and his infinite stupidity.

Trust Your Immune System …Boost it if you must..It is pure genius . It has evolved over eons and has worked every day of your life to keep you going . You are Here BECAUSE of your Immune System .

If we have learned anything useful from all this insanity it is how to “tune” our innate Immunity .

Treat you body mind and spirit right with Vitamins Minerals Diet Rest Exercise and Happiness

And Yes Virginia..One day your immune system will fail to do it’s job and you will expire ..Thats Nature too.

The Vaxxed are like Welfare Recipients and the Purebloods are like The Employed

You Cannot “Buy” Real Immunity…You need to “Earn ” It

Pass it on

One More Comment ..The Marxist Globalist Collectivists think they can , and desperately WANT to
Control and Improve upon NATURE .

This is sheer folly from the feeble mind of Control Freaks .

If you think the Government can control a Virus YOU are a Covidiot

If you think the Government can control the Climate YOU are a Climoron