Goldtent TA Paradise has been growing by Leaps and Bounds .

Our Niche ….Technical Analysis of the PM and Related Markets… is grabbing attention from even the non believers within the Gold Community .

Thanks to all Fine Authors here who contribute their ideas here freely .

Their Technical Analysis Original Ideas .

And who spend time honing their skills and instructing those who come to learn .

All in a spirit of comraderie and synergistic interaction .

We are Fortunate to have Authors come from all sectors of the TA Universe .

The Goal…To learn how to make better Trading / Investing Decisions .

Some still question the validity of TA in a “rigged market”

What Rambus likes to say about all that is…”Its ALL in the Charts”

The PM charts are sum total of all fundamental activity by all individuals and institutions trading in the PM Markets

Including Manipulation ( to whatever degree it is present )

Trading on “Opinion” has proven to be very costly in the recent past to most who are here !


It is great to see a large group of Goldophiles coming to the conclusion that the best way to profit from the PM (or any) Market is to park your ideology and preconceptions at the door of this tent and come on in with an open mind .

Audept and myself are “sponsoring” this site to attract free thinking Individual Market TA Analysts for the purpose of attracting a community of Individuals who are PM Traders , and who are interested in profiting from learning and applying TA .

Yes We are both involved in assisting Rambus and Trader Dan with managing their Websites .

…Each offers unique trading strategies and perspectives on the markets with an emphasis on TA …

And many readers here go on to become members of these two Sites .

We constantly receive feedback that Many of these members are doing better in their portfolios than ever before .

Some Fabulously so !

Another Author here at Goldtent deserving a shout out is Jordan Roy Byrne who’s website The Daily

Gold is highly respected and recommended .

I used to be a 100% PM Manipulation all day every day card carrying member .

There was NO doubt in my mind that this was true .

After Learning TA it became evident that ALL markets have recurring patterns and when you dig down deep and study them they can be predicted just enough to profit …which is a hell of a lot better than losing following hope and emotion !

There is endless fascination in TA

I learn something here every day .

And the more I learn the more my trading decisions improve .

You Believe in Manipulation ? So What…trade the chart clues and none of that matters .

Thanks All