Very, very interesting. Perhaps not the biggest shock given the conservatives by-election defeat and the back bench rebellions. But a very welcome surprise.

What this confirms is that the official polls we read about in the newspapers – YouGov especially in the UK – are essentially disinformation and propaganda.

Polls have long been an exercise in telling people what to think, not what people are thinking.

The real polls are the Conservative MPs who’s mail bags are spitting blood about the lockdowns and covid passports etc.. this decision is a reflection of that.

What surprises me is that for once, reality and truth have cut through the mass psychosis among Sage/Govt in a way i did not expect.

This also backs up our theory that America is the epicentre of freedom, with the UK a close second. lets see how the Davos elite respond in Europe to the improving news.

My suspicion was that omicron was the last offensive in the Covid campaign. Lets see how it pans out….and what the next global crisis is….