What IF this were a Movie in a Theatre (remember those) and you could just walk out any time you like ?
Would you ?
Not Me ! This is amazing , I know it is consuming most of you like it is consuming me.

We have a Front Row seat in the Tent watching a most incredible Drama

The Great Reset has had a smooth ride for 2 years …NOW…it has collided with the Great Awakening

We are on the fringe no more…we were despised for questioning the Narrative and now the Narrative is dead .

STILL LOTS TO WORRY ABOUT BUT These Truckers have already won…bringing the 40% in the middle out of Mass Formation

They have a LOT to learn …We take this shit for granted because we have been fortunate enough to be awake for the last 2 years…Never though we would get the MIDDLE all at once

Slowly then All At Once as the man once said.

Now we watch this great Drama Unfold and we ALL participate even if we never see Ottawa

We can support the Freedom Movement by sharing with our contacts and patiently helping them understand the depth and evil of this story and by financially supporting Freedom Media and Truckers .

How this movie ends we don’t know..we dont even have a clue..AND the consequences are So Important


Onward Pilgrims !


Soon Your Friends and Family will look at Crazy Uncle Al in a different light…We should listened to Al !!!

Prepare to become a legend ….as in…I know an old guy who never took One Vaxx …Incredible !