On Christmas Eve, Statistics Canada updated their Death Counts for the second time this year.  They’ve added some interesting, official, institutional commentary which I’ve summed up in the title.


They illustrated it with two charts.

Weekly deaths in Canada for all causes and all age groups.  Upper and lower “bounds” I think are +1 and -1 standard deviations (like Bollinger Bands which normally use +2 and -2).

Second one:

Weekly deaths in Canada for all causes for the age group 0-45 yrs.  Something statistically significant is killing people in this age group since May and up till the end of data which late October.

Statscan says: “To understand both the direct and indirect consequences of the pandemic, it is important to measure excess mortality, which occurs when there are more deaths during a period of time than what would be expected for that period.”

Direct is dying of Covid.  Indirect is dying of something caused by Covid, like lockdowns, the government’s social policies.  There’s some more from Statscan with my bolding for emphasis:

“Excess deaths among this age group cannot be attributed directly to COVID-19 alone. From March until the end of October, there were fewer than 50 deaths attributed to COVID-19 among Canadians under the age of 45. However, beyond COVID-19 itself, increases in mortality could also be due to indirect consequences related to measures put in place to address the pandemic, such as missed or delayed medical interventions and other possible changes in behaviour such as increased substance use. For example, in British Columbia, the Chief Coroner’s Office has reported increases in deaths due to overdoses since the start of the pandemic.”

Fewer than 50 deaths?  This is very official stuff.  Statscan is the official statistics office for Canada, hence the name “Statistics Canada”.  So official confirmation of what us deniers have been saying, some since the very beginning of the outbreak: it’s just like the flu.

The other bits ought to be powerful criticism of the governments that have implement their social destruction policies “locking down” the public, that is, if we had a real, functioning mainstream media anymore.  The official statistical body in Canada is saying that lockdowns are killing young people (under 45 is young when talking about Covid) who otherwise would be healthy.  Government policies really are killing people like Covid has except they’re not people who are dying like Covid does, but people who ought to be working and going to school, not dying of drugs and, I suspect, suicide.

There is also a proportion of this under 45 age group dying because our health care system doesn’t work very well anymore.  Isn’t that interesting since governments all over the world say that these lockdown measures are for our health and safety!

And one more thing… why isn’t this information having an influence on governments?  In Ontario we just entered into an all province total lockdown for 2 weeks.  Clearly Covid and public health has nothing to do with government policy.  There really is something else going on but it hasn’t taken over all of the government otherwise Statscan wouldn’t be so bold as to point to the government’s public health policies as causing an increase in deaths among the healthy population.

There is a conspiracy going on.  And all over the world.  Canada is no different than the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, India, etc…  The truth about Covid and lockdowns is publicly available from government sources –but it’s not important because none of this is about health.  It’s a movement to conquer the world without a war.