Dr William Makis is an antri Big Pharm Crusader . He has been demonized and “unlicenced” but he remains steadfast in his quest for a Cancer Cure that does NOT involve HUGE profits for the Pharmademons !

This article is very important IMO . Hint…Fenbendazole is not FDA controlled is “dirt cheap”

You can purchase it online ( Amazon ) ..no restrictions ..It is being ignored in Cancer studies because NO money can be made …BUT…There are similar Derivitives that ARE FDA approved and controlled and these are being studied…The price of these derivitives has shot up recently by hundreds of %.

Could cancer treatment be painless and side effect free and very very cheap ? WHAT IF ?



PS…I bought some online a while back

I bought it because it comes in a 444 Mg Pill and 444 is a favorite number ….has been for decades

Every time I start seeing 444 everywhere…something significantly positive happens …as JC would say….So….