Infection-enhancing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies recognize both the original Wuhan/D614G strain and Delta variants. A potential risk for mass vaccination ?

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The dreaded Antibody Dependent Enhancement (pathogenic priming, “immune enhancement”, etc…) that has plagued all other coronavirus vaccines is clearly shown to be real in this Journal of Infection article.  This is what Dr. Judy Mikovits warned about almost two years ago, long before there were any known plans for a Covid vaccine.  It’s no surprise to anyone who has studied coronaviruses –and is willing to tell the truth.

It’s very simple actually, although the article might sound technical to non chemistry students.  Basically, the spike protein made by the vaccine in your cells is based on an obsolete version, the original Wuhan strain which is no longer the common strain.  It creates two kinds of antibodies: neutralizing (good ones, stops the virus) and facilitating (bad ones, actually helps the virus).

The spike protein found in the common strain of the virus right now, the Delta Variant, has a few minor changes to it but they happen to be in places where those Wuhan strain antibodies attach.  The result is that the good antibodies stick more weakly and the bad ones stick more strongly –to the Delta spike protein.

This means that the effect of being “vaccinated” with the Wuhan spike protein makes you more susceptible to the Delta variant than those who haven’t taken part in this experimental vaccine rollout.

Greater susceptibility would correspond to higher rates of infection and more serious symptoms because the virus now has “friends” inside you to help it get into your cells faster and more often and subsequently replicate faster and more often.

The article says that the ability of SARSCoV2 antibodies [ie. vaccine antibodies] to mediate infection enhancement in vivo has never been formally demonstrated.”  It’s never been proven to happen in actual people (in vivo – in living things, as opposed to in vitro -glass, laboratory experiment).

If it was really happening… we would expect to see higher rates of infection, hospitalization and deaths where higher rates of vaccination occur.  More vaccination -> more people with bad antibodies -> more people with Covid -> more cases of severe symptoms -> more deaths.  Less vaccination -> stronger people -> healthier outcomes.

Anyhow, this ought to be going viral because it shows that the vaccines are more than simply “not working” but actually “working against you”.

The good news is, just because you’re immune system has been captured by the enemy doesn’t mean you have to worry even more about Covid because, just like before, the way to deal with Covid infection is through early treatment with things like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and the other now well established treatments proven to be clinically effective by clinical physicians like Dr. Zelenko, Dr. McCullough and many others.