Trump is being Villainized for encouaging the violence today but ..look at these “people” and you decide.

Anyhow the Evil has Won IMO ( Long Live The Evil)…they beat us Good guys…fair and square.. The were brilliant at every turn.

We didn’t even know there was a game until they stacked the deck so hard that we had no chance once we were “invited ” to play. They destroyed us at THEIR Game .

Repeat until it sinks in The Evil has Won this Round over Good…They beat us because it’s THEIR Game and we didn’t even want to play until they stacked the deck so much that we had no chance,

So be it

Th Swamp kicked our collective asses..They Stole er won the Presidency and then won the House and now the Senate …and now we are doomed to be controlled by the Swampsters and their Global Elitist masterminds. Right ?

BUT…What if…we just don’t wanna play with them any more…they are just bullies..we can take our marbles and just go home and ignore them.

Once we digest how evil has temporarily won out over Good…we don’t have to fight it…just start to ignore it..don’t give it so much power.

If you are in a State or County even that is Conservative then that’s where you Identify

The Federal Government will still control things like taxes but not much else .

We are going to have to think more Local. With travel restrictions it’s time to hunker down for the most part.

Do your best to lobby State and Local politicians to open the economy and support local over Global !

Do your best to elect conservatives to school boards etc.

It has to start from the ground up.

LOOK at the electoral maps 90% of the Land mass is RED.

There is more power locally for individuals and families than in DC ….The Move is AWAY from big EVERYTHING and towards Local .

The Vast majority of people are Conservatives and Patriots IMO.

Hunker down in smaller communities and fuck the Corporates and Feds whenever possible. Switch to Regional and local banks

Hopefully Texas will really consider Leaving the “Union” and then all those states that joined the SCOTUS lawsuit will join in and you can have the Patriot States of America.

Thats your third party…that’s your election integrity ( paper ballots only…or crypto blockchain voting .)

Once we digest how evil has temporarily won out over Good…we don’t have to fight it…just start to ignore it..don’t give it so much power.

Let “THEM” have California and New York City and Minneapolis and Chicago and take back your dignity even in these Blue states…which are NOT even BLUE states but Blue Cities…Black and Blue right now …build local rural conservative zones.

Think outside the box…this will be the new resistance

Promote Local and fuck the Out of control Swamp >Ignore them wherever possible.

Support local amature / school sports and screw the Professional leagues with their Billionaire Marxist Owners and Millionaire prima donna players.

Support Local News stations and news papers ….buy them even …if you can.

Support local arts / plays / tv productions….

Start LOCAL Social Media Sites and use them exclusively…you don’t need FB or TWTR ….

Buy Books from local book stores ..screw Amazon

Buy Groceries from Local Chains Screw Wall Mart

Buy hardware from Local guys..Screw Home Depot

Buy from Local Food suppliers…eat in local restaurants Screw McDonalds

Support your local Sherrifs / Peace Keepers..Start Local Firearms Clubs and teach safe use of guns and form millitias to assist your local peace officers in case of intrusion by errant Blantifidiots

…screw the FBI CIA DHS .

The Great Reset ? Let them have their reset…new monetary system ?

How about the barter system ?

Cashless society ? Screw that Cash is not legal tender in the USA ? Screw the USA ..circulate cash locally..or create a local currency…be innovative…figure it out.

Create a local cryptocurrency too if you want.

You can rebuild from the ground up at the state / local level.

The trend all over the world is Smaller Local Governance .

USSR split up into dozens of sovereign states.

Yugoslavia is now Slovenia Serbia Bosnia Montenegro and others.

Checkoslovakia is Czech Republik and Slovakia.

They are all doing better than before…Big Sucks Small is better !!

That’s not to say you cant forge trade with other small societies…

But You need to guard your borders…don’t let the Demos in ..keep them in the cities where they belong as much as possible OR if you do let them “immigrate” send them to a conservative school for a couple years first ( re educate them )…They will have to deal with a lot…like if you have a handle between your legs you go to the mens room if not it’s the ladies room.

Think Smaller !

Then see who won !


Can You Tell me Please ..Who won Your War ?

To Everything Turn Turn Turn