I am reposting this Incredibly well researched histotical account detailing how… In Spite of being Royally Fucked with by the likes of Henry Kissinger , George Soros and a Host of other City of London / British lead Globalist Monsters…China has Brought it’s people out of centuries of Abject Poverty and despair and is now taking it’s Rightful place as a Major leader for world Prosperity.

Note : This can take a while to get through and absorb BUT I can assure you you will much more informed on how the Power Structure of the world has really worked up until now and how against all odds China and Russia and by association the whole “Global South” is finaly breaking free after Centuries of Feudal Control to set their own destinies.

I have never learned so much from any piece of work I have ever taken the time to read and digest.

So many BOMBSHELLS here …including 2 heretofore “allies” exposed by Matt

Steve Bannon for f**Ks sake AND The Epoch Times are both in their own right a huge part of this Anti-China Psyop !

here is the link