Wow. This is interesting.

I have heard that President John Kennedy’s nephew / Robert Kennedy’s son was involved in the Investigation of the Vaccine Community.

I didn’t understand how that was possible…as the Kennedy Family is obviously NOT from the right wing side of things where most of the “anti vaxers” as they are called reside.

I mean can you get more left wing than the Kennedy’s from Mass ?

This is an very good article that fully explains in terms most people can understand the issues and some potential solutions with vaccines.

It’s long and I suspect there are some here who are already very tired and weary from this discussion BUT


This is blockbuster , fascinating look into how vaccines are made and WHY it is likely that those who have had flu shots are more susceptible to having a very bad time with coronavirus. ( think older people !)

Rob’t Kennedy Jr. wrote the forward to Dr Judy’s book….which for all you who say she is just in it for the money…is now free on the net.

I sincerely believe THIS is the most important piece you can read if you care to understand what you are about to be FORCED to have injected into your body , into your loved ones bodies.

IF you made up your mind already that you are just going to get this “shot” and in fact you can’t wait to get it.

Consider this passage :

“As explained by Kennedy, the way they accelerate evolution is by taking the coronavirus from the anus of the bat and replicate it in animal tissue such as pangolin kidney tissue. Next, the grown viruses are placed on feral monkey kidney cells, followed by mouse brain tissue.

Each time you transfer the virus to another animal tissue, you increase the risk of zoonotic animal virus contamination in addition to mutations. According to Kennedy, six years of evolution can be accomplished in a matter of days using this accelerated evolution process. Through this process, extremely viral forms of the virus can be rapidly created. Typically, milder forms are used to create a vaccine. As explained by Kennedy:
“You can take a mild form and give a person that mild form, and they don’t really get sick. They develop the antibodies, and that’s the theory [behind vaccination]. But there are reasons that they like to create those super viral forms. One is, most of the labs where they do it, like Fort Detrick in [the U.S.] and Wuhan lab in China, are not only vaccine labs but they’re also military labs.’s Authored by Dr. Joseph Mercola a well know Natropath who I am sure will have a negative Wikipedia Profile.

I clicked on the link for Dr Judy’s free book

and this is what I got