Some posts are not worth writing. Its just that the topic is so complex it can’t be delivered in a way that is readily accessible and comprehensible to readers or that does not generalize too much while still delivering a point worth hearing about. This is one of those posts. But I will write it anyway and let you come to your own conclusions about the information you are seeing while trying not to get bogged down in variables.

This post is about IQ levels versus meat consumption. Meat in this case also happens to include dairy, fish and eggs. So when we are talking about meats we are actually discussing foods that are complete meaning they contain all the essential amino acids necessary as the buiding blocks of life.

I lived in Ethiopia for many years. When I first arrived there I recall immediately being shocked by how dumb I thought people were. I mean they seemed completely out to lunch for someone coming from a developed country. I noted immediately that a lot of the people I encountered could not give simple directions when asked, could not solve basic math problems, could not give change reliably and often enough had little mastery even in their chosen occupations. I wrote home one day saying that I felt I was living in a place full of the dumbest people on the planet.

I was not trying to be mean……just truthful.

Little did I know in those days just how low Ethiopians scored on intelligence tests. Their country was literally down at the bottom of the list of the worlds 200 or so nations for IQ testing. In the bottom 10 to be more precise. Over the years I began to learn why. Some of it had to do with the tiny amount of money that the government was spending on education per capita. Another of the reasons was the sheer level of poverty and lack of access to opportunities to learn. A third reason was the low levels of quality employment opportunities. People do not make an effort if there is no chance for advancement and growth.

But the number one reason that eventually came to me after years of observations was that diet played a really significant role. Poor families ate simple foods made up primarily of grains (injera) and low cost vegetables. Call it a vegetarian diet. The wealthier people ate meats and nuts and dairy which are all foods that typical Ethiopians cannot afford except on a few high holidays each year. Keep in mind that incomes in Ethiopia range as low as 50 cents daily in rural areas. It is not uncommon to find people subsisting on a dollar or two daily. And I am referring to working people and farmers here, not beggars.

So it goes without saying that meat is not a staple meal in most of the country.  Nor is meat readily accessible to the majority of Africans for that matter as the curse of low incomes is something the entire continent suffers from. Ethiopians however are accutely deprived and one of the reasons is their belief system. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church demands a minimum of 180 fasting days each year. The number rises to over 250 days for those who are more devout. On fasting days, believers are not to eat any meats whatsover, nor any dairy products, fish or eggs. They are also supposed to limit themselves to a single meal on that date.

In other words, for the devout, there are only the incomplete proteins being consumed for 7 out of 10 days in the year. Naturally IQ suffers and this is one of the reasons in my view. You will have to do your own research on meat consumption and brain development but it was once well known that meat eating nations produced stronger, fitter, bigger, brighter and healthier people on average. The problem with proving it anymore is that the internet has turned into a cesspool of disinformation and most searches will deliver candy-floss propaganda stories about how meat is really bad for you and planet Earth.

Yup, the WEF even got involved in Google search results for meat and intelligence. Who is surprised by that?

Anyway, I do have a couple charts. You can check them for yourselves and come to your own conclusions. The first is per capita meat consumption and little Ethiopia is down there on the very bottom of the list with an average annual consumption of 8kg per person. That’s like a weeks worth of Big Macs. Recall that Ethiopia is almost dead last among all nations for IQ points as well. The average German on the other hand eats more like 90 kg of meat each year and Germans rank near the top of IQ scores worldwide.

The second chart is an interactive called “Countries by IQ”. You will notice that Africa in general is producing people with lower than typical IQ averages. Again, this is a function of severe poverty and low protein consumption in my opinion. That is just my experience from years of observations. I have known Ethiopians from every level of the income scale. What I can say with absolute certainty is diet matters (a lot) where intelligence is concerned.

IQ Comparison by Country

So to get back to the beginning of this post I just wanted to show that there is a correlation between high quality protein consumption and intelligence levels. So when the powers that be start killing off your cattle and chickens as they are doing across Europe these days, the goal is not to save the planet, it is to make you stupid and then to keep you there. This agenda is beyond vicious. To some extent they are succeeding. But you should know that the only way the lunatics at the top of the economic totem pole can win is by dumbing you down and making you sick.

And that’s why they are sticking you with needles and taking away your meat.