Roger Waters ( Pink Floyd ) ( wrote Another Brick in the Wall ) …apparently a Liberal

was invited to CNN to discuss the US War Mongering . Starts of by calling Joe Biden a War Criminal

Nailed it . Another Truth Brick in the Wall . On CNN no less

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Here’s an article on Roger Waters New Tour !
This guy is the Last Boomer Rocker to remain TRUE to his Roots from the 60s .

Fully’s comment Whatever happened to War Protest Music ? and Calling out the “Establishment”

“The tour, which made a stop in Detroit on July 23, uses Waters’ extensive artistic catalog to condemn the ruthlessness of the ruling elite in the US and around the world. Virtually every song is directed toward pressing issues of our time: imperialist war, fascism, the poison of nationalism, the plight of refugees, the victims of state oppression, global poverty, social inequality, the attack on democratic rights and the danger of nuclear annihilation”


Waters at 78, possessing the energy and spirit of an individual half his age, is not conducting a nostalgia tour. Other performers his age continue to travel and play their old hits, presumably earning a living. The vast majority of them—particularly those whose art was rooted in the anti-Vietnam War and civil rights struggles of the 1960s—lost their anger decades ago. They made their social and artistic peace with society. They have to continue performing their original material because they have nothing new and important to say. Worst of all, they may even have a Kennedy Center Honor, that “wide rainbow-colored ribbon” of shame, hung around their necks by US presidents whose hands are drenched with blood.


The powers that be recognize the danger. Though This Is Not a Drill has received some favorable news coverage, there is an obvious lack of reporting on it in the mainstream press. Waters recently denounced the Toronto media after it refused to provide any significant coverage of his two-night performance in that city. The critics prefer their music without the angry unpleasantness.

The decision to ignore Waters’ performances in Toronto has to be connected with his opposition to the US-NATO war against Russia in Ukraine. The musician has taken a principled stand on the conflict. While firmly opposing the reactionary Russian invasion, Waters commented that a “long drawn-out insurgency in Ukraine would be great for the gangster hawks in Washington. It’s what they dream of.”


Jeff Childers’s Analysis

Waters even suggested that the United States’ militarization of the war was criminal, saying “This is a serious crime. Why doesn’t the US call on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to start negotiations with Moscow to end this terrible conflict?”

Again, it’s not any news that some random aging rock star holds these views. And it’s not even news that he SAID it out loud. Waters is sufficiently well established that he can say what he wants.

The news is that CNN gave those opinions air time.

Connect this to NBC’s exposé on the 70% of “lost” war materiel, and the Amnesty International report on Ukrainian war crimes by hiding military assets among civilian populations (which, by the way, is a black-letter human rights violation that nobody is denying). These counter-narrative reports suggest a coordinated anti-Ukraine effort: corporate media (NBC), plus the NGO’s (Amnesty), plus celebrity media (CNN/Waters).

Ukrainians should be very concerned about this apparent shift.

Some are suggesting it is political battlespace preparation for Russian occupation of Kiev, since Russian appears poised to take that city. If it does, it will be game over for Ukraine; or, as the Russians like to say, “dasvidaniya, Maria.” The theory goes that media and Western leaders recognize that the war is reaching its final stages and to avoid embarrassment are now dialing the Narrative away from the lefthand “I Support Ukraine!” setting over to the middle line marked “It was a complicated situation and it’s probably better we’re out of it.”

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with all these pivots

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