Dear Gary,

I just got a phone call from the truckers at the Alberta-Montana border crossing.

SWAT teams have sealed off the men and set up police checkpoints around the town. It’s a stand-off.

The truckers put me on a speaker phone — I spoke with their council.

They told me they need our help.

They know we crowdfund lawyers to help people just like them. People who are being punished by the lockdowns and by vaccine mandates. People who can’t afford to hire lawyers on their own.

They asked me if we could help them right now.

And I said, “of course”.

I promised them we’d crowdfund a lawyer to fight any tickets or charges they face.

But more importantly, I promised them we’d crowdfund a lawyer to help them negotiate with the police — to make sure nothing gets out of hand. To de-escalate things.

I know just the lawyer. His name is Chad Williamson.

We hired him to represent Chris Scott, the owner of the Whistle Stop Diner in Mirror, who was jailed for keeping his business open. Chad also was the lawyer for Rebel News who successfully sued Trudeau to get our reporters into the leaders debate in the last election.

The truckers agreed.

Here’s a short video of the men, recorded right after our phone call:

I called up Chad. He’s already on the case, and two of his colleagues are too. We’re sending in the dream team.

I promised the truckers we’d take the case and crowdfund it all the way. Even if it takes years in court.

Will you please help me, help these men?

Please click here, or to go Please chip in — $10, $100, whatever you can.

These truckers are standing up for all of us. I feel like the least we can do is give them a good lawyer. Or in this case, three good lawyers.

Thanks very much — I promise to keep you posted continuously.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. Chad is the perfect lawyer for this and he’s bringing a team with him. I’m confident he’ll do whatever he can to help — including to help de-escalate the situation.

P.P.S. I promised the truckers I’d crowdfund their legal bill, no matter how large it gets — please click here to help me keep my promise. Thanks.