This is a repost of a remarkable interview by James Corbett with Mattias Desmet author of the soon to be released Book ..The Psychology of Totalitarianism

The interview begins with an explanation of this incredible theory and how Mass Formation has been with humanity since the beginning of Human Social Existence.

Examples …French Revolution , Salem Witch Hunt , Iranian Revolution . Stalin , Hitler , Corona and many more

Then half way through Desmet explains the way OUT.

Incredibly the way OUT is for those ( the minority) who have NOT been “captured” by this Insane Psychosis to continue to speak their truth and never waver from this moral obligation even though on an individual level there is NO HOPE to actually change anyone who is in the Mass Formation’s hive mind . No Rational discussion will be successful with those who are actually Hypnotized . No amount of truth , statistics or rational discourse will make the slightest dent in these people’s belief in the Collective Narrative.

However the constant unwavering repetition of these “dissonant” truths and facts MUST continue as they collectively make “ripples” and discord in the mass formation narrative and eventually this dissonance becomes disruptive to the collective narrative and it begins to decay. and dissipate its energy .

History is rife with examples where the dissonant voices gave up too soon and all hope was lost as the Totalitarian Regime took over completely for long periods until ultimately it burned itself out .

So…Let us be renewed in our resolve to continue to seek out those with like minds who have been silent ( the middle) and to continue to speak and share the truth here at the Tent into the vacuum regardless of what we think the results are ….The message we provide is the counter energy to the dominant energy and it will ultimately disturb and break that signal if we only keep at it , not in an angry or frustrated or belligerent way …but in a persistent consistent unemotional and caring way .

This is who we are here in the Goldtent Community. Lately I sense we have lost some of our resolve and spirit. This Interview will recharge you and show that each of us is literally Vital to Breaking EVERYONE who has been captured by this strange and ubiquitous psychological phenomenon from this Mass Formation. WE are literally the solution .

Ignore the fact that you don’t feel you are making a difference…It is OUR collective energy and purity of Intent and Spirit that will ultimately shine a light through the darkness.

After viewing this interview..I suggest every one go back and watch and rewatch from the 30 minute mark
..whenever you lose focus or resolve…Brilliant Strategies !!

Onward Pilgrims

Now here is the Interview…Must See !