I’m going to try and be as brief as possible, but it’s still a bit long.

9/2 Road trip with my Dad – Boulder CO, stayed at motel 6, ate at denny’s, later that eve, ate at arbys (because the symptoms set so quickly after, I might have gotten it days earlier).

9/3 headache, nausea, swollen lips, chest pain

9/4 same, mild cough, lip swelling subsides

9/5 fever starts, breaks into cold sweat 10pm, headache persists, lips drying out

At this point I did not suspect covid, then ….

9/6 Milk tastes ‘tinny’, no flavor in other foods  (this is when I went to FLCCC in search of Ivermectin, self quarantined).  Extreme periodic dizzy spells, headache subsides

9/7 Sudden but short fever, breaks into cold sweat, no more nausea, light cough.

9/8 -9/10 still trying to get Ivermectin prescription (no dr’s in my state will prescribe) found a Dr. in AZ (family practice), will prescribe but ships from NY, chest is beginning to tighten and lung capacity diminishing but not critical

9/11 Chest tightness culminates, breathing and talking is difficult, I’m refusing to go to hosp or let my wife take my blood O2 measurement.  We know where that leads.  She’s vaxed and constantly listens to NPR – nuf said about that.

9/12 The tightness of chest suddenly subsides but breathing capacity is very low and I’m feeling weak (low blood O2).  I’m bedridden with this until 9/13.

9/15-16  I’m desperate and FINALLY my ivermectin arrives (20 16mg capsules, 2 per day), I immediately get on the DR’s program – zinc, and a bunch of other vitamins, meds 3 times a day.

9/17 Start feeling the effects of the ivermectin against the ‘crap’ in my chest.

9/18 Unbelieveable relief but still feeling the effects.

9/20-9/26 – Recovery complete just after 9th dose of Ivermectin, I could take deep breaths again, still weak, lost 15 lbs and no appetite.

If anyone wants the prescribed supplementals list (zinc, quertcin etc), I’ll provide upon request (email me).


On 9/16 my Dad had covid bad, he’s 78.

Basically he couldn’t breath and I couldn’t find a dr. in the state who’d prescribe oxygen and his o2 levels went down to the 70’s (even after he was on doses of ivermectin 3mg pills) I couldn’t get them in quantity (local pharmacy wanted $360 for 80 3mg pills).  I reluctantly had to take him to hospital, they tested him for ‘everything’ and all that came up positive was covid (he said it was literally hell in there), long story short, we got him out on hospice (the hosp doesn’t release on hospice unless the prognosis is dire – on the 2nd day they wanted to keep him and get him on a 3 day IV drip of Remdesivir and we said no way and got him out), he’s now at home on oxygen and recovering.  By that time we got more Ivermectin and put him on a 36mg/day doseage, after 8 days he could breath again (like a stone off his chest).  He’s recovering nicely now but was incredibly weakened by the ordeal (23lbs).

The purpose of this post is primarily to add to the multitude of anecdotes, solutions, challenges and lessons dealing this this thing.  Hopefully it will help someone get prepared.  I regret to consider the tens of thousands of families that rely on Hosp. and Dr. recommendations and their loved one’s (in my opinion unecessarily) DIE there.  I’m lucky and didn’t have to fight family tooth and nail to get him out.

BTW my Dad claims that the hosp asked him if he would sign a power of attorney over to the hosp.  In his delusional and anguished state, I’m somewhat doubtful that’s what they were trying to do but honestly, I wouldn’t put it past them.  Once he declined (outraged more like it), he said they never approached him again about it.

Hope this not-as-short-as-I’d-hoped story helps someone out there.