Lets face it 95% of us here relate to This https://goldtadise.com/?p=389872

The Other 5% relate to this https://goldtadise.com/?author_name=washer

So Anyhow ….We do all this great TA Wizardry, with varying results.

Can you honesty say.. You , (as at least a Closet Goldbug ), can divorce your goldomania ( there is no known cure)

from you Trading decisions ?

If you cant its probably just best for you to Buy Phys and hold it.

That’s been a pretty good long term money strategy since 1970.

Looking back the Phys I bought in the late 90s and buried has been the best Gold Investment the last 20 years at least ( now if I could only remember where I buried it !)

We were lead to believe that as Gold went up its Miners would go up 3 to 5 % more…because of course their income rises exponentially as Gold Rises.

Then we kept investing in THIS !

OK so we were idiots !

Plain and simple…it was a learning experience (some of us more painful than others)

However 20 years is a long and hard grinding bear market. And that’s not the half of the insult to goldminerbugs .

This decline was made all the more Diabolical and Amazing by the fact that it happened even all through a Raging 10 Year Bull Market in Gold !

Sheesh. Like Plunger always says Mr. Market is a Mean Old Buggar.

BUT…in true Goldbug Spirit there appears to be a glimmer

…Look at the right side of this chart…..

2 Important trend lines have been breached and a nice potential bottoming pattern is emerging

This is a long term chart so …IF symmetry is ideal…this could take all the rest of this year to build out

Spock has been hammering us at the miners Site that this is a marathon and we just heard the starting pistol about 15 months ago …

So What IF this is the turn in miners vs gold

…The implications are astounding. This char,t just to get back to historical norms , has a long way to go!

Rambus has been reporting the Inverse ratio which shows even more drama …remember when reading this IF it goes Down Miners are Increasing relative to Gold. Below my rudimentary adaptation of Rambus Chart to date

Miners can rise vs gold just as fast as they fell…Looks like a good potential play to me…to just put say 20% of your PF in Spock Rocks and Rock Bottom Prices, Comical Prices really when you calculate the potentials.

Lest face it any company that stayed alive thru this brutal situation is a lot closer to a bottom than a top.

Then again if everybody already knew this the party would be over.

There you go I am letting my bias direct my charts…cant help it some times.

Fully feeling bullish (today)