Shout out to Kewl2 a tireless researcher who has outlasted me I admit.

I have been derelict for the last month or so in my watching the Highwire

There is NO other “Program” on the www. that is more important to follow than Del Bigtree’s Highwire

Del is a Brilliant Journalist and there is NO ONE like him !

He recently re Interviewed Geert Van Den Bossche in what he termed the most important interview of his life !

K2 Gently but firmly insisted I watch at least a part of this 2 hour interview. ( Shout out to Elva who sent this link to our email group ..which I just ignored)

After watching the first 5 minutes I was compelled to watch it all

We use the terms earth shattering and Bombshell just about every day and these terms have lost all context …Many of us are experiencing Burn Out…I know I have …BUT THIS INTERVIEW ROCKED MY WORLD !

So…You have come this far and I urge each and every one to find the time to watch this in it’s entirety.

Here is what K2 sent me as an executive review which worked to get me to reluctantly give this a shot !

Hi Gary,

Only so many hours in the day as we keep falling farther behind — am now over 100 emails unread and yet I am reading constantly.

HOWEVER — Elva sent this out earlier today and it’s dynamite. I know you are as strangled for time too so am giving you my 2 cents worth.

To try and help — if you don’t have time to watch all of Geert’s update then skip to the 1.5 hour mark and watch to the end of his interview with Del — maybe 25 minutes or so. It will be well worth your time.

Frankly this interview introduces new scientific information that Geert just published which explains WHY we haven’t seen the carnage that we all thought would come of the COVID vaccines — turns out it’s still coming and should arrive within months. The explanation is really simple but hasn’t been communicated previously.

Overall — Geert is at the end of this rope — he still perceives this to be a potential to kill everyone that has taken the vaxx and yet no one is listening (many scientists are in agreement but not willing to go public). He explains where we are, how we got her, what’s happening now and why it is about to change into a very deadly virus TO THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN VACCINATED. Unvaxxed will do fine. Prophelactic ivermectin or hydrozychloroquine etc mandatory. Yet he can’t get his message heard and while he explains what needs to be done to “stabalize” this health risk, he has no confidence that Fauci etc. will implement those actions. Thus the coming events will bring death and destruction unlike anything experienced before.

Interestingly, Del gave instructions prior to Geert interview that this video should not be viewed by children………….

I know you are also busy — but can’t recommend this video highly enough!

Will post it at the tent when I have time but think the audience has reached burn out. Still it’s important reference material for future queries!


Hi Gary

It’s an “evolutionary” process — according to Geert, COVID is doing exactly what should be expected. We are in a temporary safe stage until the virus figures out the workaround (Geert explains how it will do this) and the end result will be both extremely infectious and extremely deadly (for the already vaccinated).

His estimate on timing is that the killer variant will arrive +/- 3Q and, because of infectious nature will spread quickly, it will lead to the mass kill off (ie won’t happen in months but will start in months). Unless mitigated immediately (stop all vaccines and initiate mass prophylactic chemical treatment to already vaxxed – ivermectin/hydrxy) it will become unstoppable. The more shots a person has taken the worse the outcome. The virus will bring itself into equilibrium over time.

Clearly a “pandemic of the vaxxed” BUT I suspect they will come at the unvaxxed with guns ablazing as otherwise they have no one to blame and would have to acknowledge the vaccine is unsafe (will never occur).

Geert and Del lay the case out succinctly. It still isn’t “easy” as Geert is very deep in his knowledge but message is clear.

Also watch his facial expressions as the interview comes toward the end. He knows!

I’ll be interested in your feedback.

So Here is the link and my comments are below


I agree ..This is the single most important Video / Tutorial ever produced IMHO

I am drained

I agree there are some complexities which may be difficult for many to comprehend but as you say the overall premise and the way Dell constantly puts things into Lay terms make it ultimately very understandable.

I held my breath when Del asked if in general the Unvaxxed would be spared the brunt of this horror

The answer was a relief

Also it is Very encouraging that a “Solution” is offered ! Mass use of antivirals to eradicate the beast

Geert mentions Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine as well as paxlovid

I urge everyone to secure a supply of these. As we know many States have open them up for over the counter. We need to search for suppliers in these states that will sell them in bulk

Meanwhile Horse paste works just as well as pills. One trade name is Bimectin.

I am wondering about Vitamin D C and Quercetin and Zinc …this was not addressed.

I doubt that many of the vaxxed will watch this …I know I wouldnt if I were vaxxed.

Basically he is saying that within a couple of months the vaxxed are going to start dying in droves if his warning is not heeded !

Personally I am going to procure IVM and HCQ by any means possible …and as much as possible for my own circle.

I sincerely believe Geert is an incredible man and his research is SOLID…It cannot be dismissed

His certainty is depressing…even for him .

One caveat that I am wondering about is presented in these 2 Charts from Worldometer

Cases are dwindling worldwide and so are deaths if this dashboard is accurate at all !

But of Course Geert would address this which he did partially by pointing out Many / the vast majority are NOT getting tested or are doing home tests which go unreported and many Countries and States have stopped reporting

So !