The “LUCIFER” patent for adult vaccines is ready to go — now the child friendly version arrives — similar idea just different implementation technology.¬† Yes indeed, new vaccines¬† designed to alter individual DNA structures with no reversal mechanism (once you agree to the first dose there is no going back).

Think of Monsanto altering a wheat seed as analogy. The new seed becomes unique because of the Monsanto technology and as such becomes the legal property of Monsanto. So too if a vaccine alters your DNA than your DNA becomes the property of the owner of the vaccine technology.

Now add in AI micro-bots and 5G communication and altered DNA’s will have the ability to “switch on or off” for whatever purpose the owner (not you) desires. (Perhaps birth control by nation OR culling by age (much less expensive than bullets) OR ??).

The goal to move from 8 Billion world citizens to less than 1 Billion has not been hidden & neither is what is needed to achieve the goal.

It simply has to be implemented worldwide with 100% participation — why do you think citizen lockdowns are increasing around the world even though deaths have fallen close to zero? Do you really think it will be your choice as to whether to take the vaccine or not?

Bill Gates and MIT Unveil Quantum Dots to Mark Children