Here is some interesting data. Vaccinated people ages 30+ had increasing COVID-19 cases per 100k population than the unvaccinated. Likely, this is because of waning vaccine effectiveness over time. Here is the graph:

Also this:
“recent observations from UK Health Security Agency
(UKHSA) surveillance data that N antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who acquire
infection following 2 doses of vaccination. ”

In essence if you had COVID prior to the Vaxx you have higher nucleocapsid antibodies. In other words, you have a more robust immune response against COVID if unvaxxed as opposed getting the Vaxx and THEN getting infected. This means if you get the Vaxx then COVID I would surmise you are more likely to get Covid again as you will have less protection against mutant strains. It’s the nucleocapsid that is far less likely to mutate. The spike proteins undergo more mutations.

This vaccine is basically just prolonging the pandemic by inhibiting our normal immune response. Instead of having 3 big waves we have had 2 big waves and now a 3rd prolonged wave that may never end because of the lack of longer lasting natural immunity present in the population.

Link to document below: