From Jeff Childers

According to the most recent government report, something just hit Taiwan’s population dynamics with a two-by-four. In the post-jab period of May 2021 to May 2022, deaths increased +15%, and births fell -23%, creating a 38% gap. Experts are baffled.

Taiwan is a particularly informative example, because the pandemic did not start there until April 2022 — i.e., this year:

By the time the pandemic began in Taiwan, over 80% of adults had already been jabbed. They got Pfizer (29%), Moderna (36%), and AstraZeneca (29%). Yes, of course, the safe and effective jabs failed to stop Taiwan’s pandemic, we’d already noticed that one.

The other so-far unidentified mystery cause somehow INCREASED deaths and DECREASED births. The one thing we do know is it wasn’t covid, since the virus didn’t even arrive in Taiwan till this year. So … if it wasn’t covid, what ELSE changed in Taiwan, hmm?? It’s so weird.

Well, at least one thing we know for sure is it CAN’T POSSIBLY be the safe and effective jabs. The politicians, government agencies, the experts, and your doctor PROMISED they were 100% safe for pregnancy and did NOT affect fertility IN ANY WAY.