History of Chrystia Freeland family

The sins of the grandfather can hardly be attributed to the granddaughter,” says Polish investigator Balcerac, “—except for two, race hatred and lying. Chomiak made a lucrative war selling hatred of Jews, Poles and Russians. Freeland is doing the same preaching race hatred of Russians. To mask what she’s doing, she has lied about the Nazi record of her family. The Chomiaks weren’t victims; they were aggressors.”


CANADA – MUSKOKA ONTARIO — Thousands of high school students suspended, forced to take SEVERAL vaccines at once, in order to attend school.

“I got suspended & now I have to go get a bunch of needles”


2 minutes

BATTERY BLAST Huge explosion ‘fuelled by EV batteries’ rips through airport killing boy, 15, & injuring 163 in blast felt for 20 miles

At least 163 were also injured following the huge blast in a customs warehouse near Tashkent Airport in Uzbekistan in the early hours, which was felt up to 20 miles away.

Batteries for electric cars exploded at the airport warehouse.

Dozens of ambulances ferried the wounded to hospitals and at least five children suffered wounds from shattered glass.




Thanks a Ton Ray…1000 ! Imagine that ? Dr Mark Trozzi !!!

Musk Says COVID Shot “Almost Sent Me To Hospital”, Says He’d Go To Prison Before Firing Workers For Refusing Jab

Elon Musk on Tuesday revealed that he took multiple COVID-19 vaccines so that he could travel during the period of intense pandemic restrictions and that after taking his third shot, he nearly ended up hospitalized.


Elon Musk fires X ‘election integrity’ team for undermining election integrity

“Oh you mean the ‘Election Integrity’ Team that was undermining election integrity? Yeah, they’re gone.”


The Duran

No apology to Russia. Poroshenko strikes again. UKR asked to hit Iran, Syria. Rock star Blinken. U/1
Alex Christoforou (43:10)


Lavrov Rejects Ceasefire, West Untrustworthy; Rus Offensive, Ukr Offensive Ends; US Targets Modi
Alexander Mercouris (1:31:16)


$18M Mar-a-Lago. New York judge finds Trump liable for fraud
Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris (27:27)


Russian Operation To Defeat The Ukrainians Is Ready. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.09.28
Dima (13:26)


The Fall | MI-6 Warned Ukraine About New Russian Offensive Operation. Military Summary For 2023.9.28
Dima (underway)


DETAILED IN-DEPTH EXPOSE OF CHRYSTIA FREELAND – Canada’s honoring of Nazi vet exposes Ottawa’s longstanding Ukraine policy

  • The Liberal Party seems to be grooming FREELAND as the Liberal replacement for Trudeau
  • Concurrently, she is on the Board of Directors of the World Economic Forum and one of Canadian caucus that Klaus Schwab’s claims he has control over +50% of same. She appears to be a favourite of Schwab (as does Trudeau).
  • Her family background is as NAZI propogandists — she followed in her grandfathers footsteps.
  • This article details her personal involvement and support of this ideology – her coverage starts about 1/2 way down the article
  • Article is by Max Blumenthal – an American author and blogger. He was a writer for The Nation, AlterNet, The Daily Beast, Al Akhbar, and Media Matters for America, and has contributed to Al Jazeera English, The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. He has been a writing fellow of the Nation Institute. “In other words a Card carrying Liberal if there ever was one – FGC”
  • Originally posted by FGC as part of https://goldtadise.com/?p=594844



Isn’t it therefore possible that IF the Canadian Liberal Party is successful in positioning Freeland as the heir to Trudeau –> and IF the Liberals remain in control of Canada’s parliament –> that Canada could very well end up with a known NAZI ideological sympathizer as Prime Minister.

A huge and dishonourable betrayal of the tens of thousands of Canadians that gave the ultimate sacrifice during WWII to protect freedom!  

RSI below 30 for Gold

Whenever the RSI dips below 30,a rally of different strengths has a high probability of occurring. We reached that this morning in Gold. Not a prediction just an observation. Not predicting price.

On buying physical Gold and Silver and holding cash:
I’m of the belief that one should have whatever they are comfortable holding.
If the internet and all financial transactions are on hold, holding a certain amount of cash, silver and gold should tide one over until things are back online. Having junk silver for smallish transactions is a must as well as cash.

As to regular monthly payments to Utilities, Taxes, and other regular payments, we will all be in the same boat and no one will be paying them. Let them go. So just food and gas. The bare-ass necessities. So important to have as much non-perishable food as you are comfortable storing.

The energy that flows to your home should continue for awhile. They won’t shut us all down until later.

After a week or so if things are not back, it’s Mad Max. Hard assets won’t be that important if the situation is permanent. It will be more important to have some means of protection from roving bands of desperate people. This scenario worries me more.

If all financial assets are confiscated, the vast majority are affected and the riots and unrest will be epic. In this day of digital assets it’s either a blessing or a curse. Back in the Great Depression the power of a keystroke to make one whole was not there. Also the opposite was true.

Conspiracy Theory: Oct 4 FEMA EAS test at 2:20pm EST will activate the LNP

Heard about this for the first time at a local Freedom meeting recently. A few told me that the signal would activate the LNP and release the contents for those who had some of the bad shots. Graphene Oxide, etc. It’s all about the 5G tower construction that accelerated during the Scamdemic. Listened to a podcast with someone who believes it to be true.

I’m not buying it.

Fema Test

Costco says its 1-ounce gold bars are real and have been selling out in hours

  • Costco has been selling one-ounce gold bars.
  • The retailer limits them to two per member but they typically sell out “within a few hours,” its CFO said.
  • Rand Refinery gold bars cost $1,950 each, while PAMP Suisse bars cost $1,980.


Lawfare Lowlifes

The real estate world is in disbelief after far leftist judge Arthur Engoron estimated the value of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, at just $18 million while ruling the former president had overvalued his business empire.

The intentional devaluation, intended to harm Trump and his private business interests, comes despite a nearby patch of trees selling for $150 million.

“If Mar-a-Lago is worth $18 million… I’ll take 10 please!!!” remarked Trump’s eldest son Don Jr. Eric Trump, an executive vice president at the Trump Organization, added that “real estate circles in Florida are laughing at this foolishness.” Forbes has previously cited real estate brokers as estimating the estate’s value at over $200 million, with brokers based on Palm Beach turning in even higher estimates of up to $725 million. . .

[Libs of TikTok Chaya Raichik on X-Twitter]:

– – Hunter Biden’s paintings are worth $500k and a 20-acre property in Palm Beach is worth $18 Million.
– – 36 Hunter paintings can buy Mar-A-Lago .
– – Are you paying attention yet?

Ace of Spades


Looks like we are about to find out


The irony continued thick and hot this week in another article, this one in New Zealand’s RNZ News, with the unlikely headline: “Melanoma researcher experimenting on his own brain tumour.” Do not try that at home.

Professor Richard Scolyer, 56, is a prominent cancer doctor and co-director of the Sydney-based Melanoma Institute of Australia. Despite being in terrific health, having access to the best medical technology in the world, and being an expert in cancer treatment and avoidance, a couple months ago in May Dr. Scolyer experienced a sudden and unexpected seizure.

He immediately went in for diagnosis. MRI scans showed he ALREADY had stage four wild-type glioblastoma, which is a brain cancer that is unfortunately usually fatal within six to nine months. Dr. Scolyer told Saturday Morning his cancer was “the worst of the worst, as far as brain cancers go. It’s incurable and the standard treatment hasn’t changed in 18 years.”

Now get this. Dr. Scolyer, a glutton for punishment, has volunteered to test the world’s first mRNA cancer ‘vaccine.’ The word ‘vaccine’ has gotten very fluid these days. Technically his treatment is being called a “personalized neoadjuvant combination immunotherapy.”

How an after-the-fact genetic treatment is now called a “vaccine” is beyond me. One suspects that generous government liability protection for “vaccines” may have something to do with it. Anyway, Dr. Scolyer is big pharma’s latest guinea pig. I suppose he doesn’t have much to lose at this point. Maybe more mRNA is the ticket.

The “personalized” cancer treatment involves making an mRNA shot that creates proteins based on the same tumor that is in Dr. Scolyer’s head, with the idea being to stimulate his immune system into attacking the tumor. “This has excited the brain cancer neuro oncology community and the bio-pharmaceutical industry, so hopefully some clinical trials will start very soon,” Dr. Scolyer explained.

I bet it has excited the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma has been experimenting with mRNA for cancer treatment for over twenty years without success. In fact, cancer treatment was the original intention for mRNA. Careful observers will recall a lot of hoopla a few years ago about “personalized cancer treatments.” They meant mRNA, we just didn’t know it at the time. But so far, nothing has worked.

We pray that Dr. Scolyer becomes the first success story. If it works, it would be good news for a lot of folks.

? Sadly, it is too late for one of Dr. Scolyer’s colleagues, who died on August 13th from brain cancer, which in her case is euphemistically being referred to as “a long illness.” Dr. Mary-Louise McLaws, 70, was an internationally renowned epidemiologist and professor at the University of New South Wales School of Public Health and Community Medicine. Until recently, that is.

She was also an influential member of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Program Experts Advisory Panel for Infection Prevention and Control Preparedness, Readiness and Response to covid-19 (the “HEPEAPIPCPRRC19”). Throughout the pandemic, McLaws advised the Australian government on lockdowns, face masking, and jab mandates, and was all over Australian media scolding hesitant Ozzies for not jabbing fast enough. She practically chased people around with a giant hypodermic needle.

Anyway, Mary was diagnosed with “brain cancer” in January 2022. I can’t find any article describing the type of brain cancer that killed her. But whatever it was, it came on suddenly and unexpectedly. From the Sydney Morning Herald in June 2022:

image 8.png
Sadly, Dr. McLaws will not be around to see if all her jab advice will turn out to have been worth it, or whether even more mRNA might have cured her sudden and unexpected brain cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family in this difficult time.

? Royal College fellow, medical pioneer, lifetime science achievement award winner, and Kings College Professor Linda Cardozo, 73, died suddenly and unexpectedly this week. Very suddenly and unexpectedly.

image 9.png
Dr. Cardozo died while taking a short nap on a British Airways flight from London to Nice, where she’d planned to enjoy a well-deserved holiday with her husband, who was sitting right next to her on the plane. Her kindly husband let Linda sleep until most of the other passengers had left the plane. That’s when he figured out she wasn’t waking up.

Dr. Cardozo was pronounced dead at the scene. At least she died peacefully. Very peacefully.

No cause of death has been released, or ever will be.

By the way, anecdotally, it’s getting harder and harder to find these stories. The search engines, including on Twitter, have become extremely glitchy and unreliable when searching for key words like “died suddenly.” For some reason.

? On Monday, Nelson Mandela’s celebrity grand-daughter, Zoleka Mandela, 43, died after a “brief illness.”

The media reports about Zoleka’s death focus mostly on her 2011 bout with breast cancer, from which she fully recovered thirteen years ago. It took a little digging to find the cancer responsible for her untimely death this week.

I mean, cancers.

Zoleka had metastatic cancers of the hip, liver, lung, pelvis, brain and spinal cord. Basically all of it.

Zoleka’s Instagram account detailed her ongoing recent struggles with her cancers.

“On Monday, September 18th, Zoleka Mandela was admitted into hospital for ongoing treatment for metastatic cancer to the hip, liver, lung, pelvis, brain and spinal cord,” the statement attributed to family spokesperson Zwelabo Mandela read. “Recent scans revealed significant disease progression including fibrosis in the lungs as well as several emboli.”
Zoleka overcame her fears of taking the covid vaccine after her doctor reassured her and used guilt manipulation. I found this in Zoleka’s (formerly) very active Twitter feed:

We’re going to need a new word for this kind of thing. Turbo cancer just doesn’t quite capture the essence. Maybe “exploding turbo cancer?” Share your suggestion in the commen

2020: 24-pack of toilet paper : limit 2 per person; 2023 … limit 2 per person on 1 oz gold?






Cholesterol, long vilified as the cause of cardiovascular disease, is a vital component to nearly every cell in your body for the construction of cell membranes, regulation of cell signaling and neurological health
A review of three large industry-funded studies found it was impossible for cholesterol to be the main cause of heart disease as those with low levels had the same levels of arterial sclerosis as those with high levels
The same study found benefits claimed by statin supporters are ineffective and unsafe, as statements are invalid, compromised by misleading statistics and excluding information from unsuccessful trials
Heart disease is driven by a chronic inflammatory response in your body you may impact through adequate intake of magnesium, reducing insulin secretion, balancing omega-3 and omega-6 fat ratio and maintaining iron levels in safe limits


Times, that are changing…

Most retirement fund managers and generally wall street, they are used to invest 60-40 or somewhere there around, where they have 60% allocated in stocks equities and 40% in bonds, since when stocks go down, bonds helps to offset, they tend to move in opposite directions.

Well, lately not so much. What will all these fund managers do, if this continue, when both asset classes are moving down? Where will money go? To energy and real, tangible assets?

Bonds and stocks chart

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Wins Space Force Contract As Democrat Efforts To Cancel Him Fail

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has received its first official contract for the Starshield network from the US Space Force. This network will provide satellite communications for the military via the company’s Starlink satellite internet system and comes just weeks after Democrats, corporate media, and a former comedian turned Ukraine president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, attempted to cancel Musk after the Washington Post published excerpts from his new biography on the billionaire, alleging he rejected help from Ukraine to assist in the attack against Crimean port of Sevastopol last year.

Space Force spokesperson Ann Stefanek told CNBC that the contract’s term for Starshield is one year with a maximum value of $70 million. She explained:

“The SpaceX contract provides for Starshield end-to-end service (via the Starlink constellation), user terminals, ancillary equipment, network management and other related services.” 

SpaceX’s growing portfolio of Pentagon business comes as the space company was recently contracted to launch a Falcon 9 with 13 satellites for the Pentagon’s Space Development Agency. In June, the Pentagon bought an undefined number of Starlink terminals for the battlefield in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Democrats and their allies in the corporate press are infuriated about Musk’s success (apart from his free-speech platform “X,” where users are allowed to discuss non-approved government narratives). They attempted to cancel the billionaire earlier this month after a WaPo piece cited a new biography on Musk revealing that he allegedly turned down a Ukrainian request to assist in a sneak attack against Russia.


“9-Sigma Miss”: Personal Consumption “Unexpectedly” Collapses

Traditionally, the second revision to GDP data (which comes three months after the end of a given quarter) is a boring, subdued affair… except for once every five years when alongside the latest data revisions, the BEA (the B usually stands for Bureau but in this case it may as well stand for Biden’s) also publishes a wholesale revision of all GDP going back some two decades. Today was one of those time, and boy was it a doozy.

As we warned one week ago in “Ignore The Hawkish Fed: Not Only Is GDP About To Tumble, Next Week It Will Be Revised Sharply Lower“, moments ago the Bureau of Economic Analysis published Q2 GDP data which – at least at the headline level – was largely in line with previous numbers and expectations, printing at 2.1%, the same as the previous revised estimate published in August and just below the consensus estimate of 2.2% (range 2% to 2.5% from 54 economists).

So were we wrong? Not really, because while the headline GDP number was as expected, the most important component to US GDP, personal consumption was nowhere near as expected. In fact, printing at 0.8%, down 80% from 3.8% in Q1, it was a downright disaster.

As shown in the chart below, Personal Consumption was expected to print unchanged from the 1st revision to Q2 GDP at 1.7%. Instead, it came in less than half at 0.8%, a 9-sigma miss to expectations!

Furthermore, at a sharply downward revised print, the Q2 GDP consumption was not only the first sub-1% print since September 2020, it was the lowest consumption going back to the covid quarter, Q2 2020.

Confirming this, the BEA coyly put it as follows:

The update from the “second” estimate primarily reflected a downward revision to consumer spending that was partly offset by upward revisions to business investment, exports, and inventory investment. Imports were revised down.

Of course, when it comes to the US economy which is 70% spending-driven, all that matters is consumer spending, and the sudden collapse there confirms what we have been saying: the US is about to careen into economic contraction once the various factors that will slam Q4 GDP come into play.


Silver’s – Similar Chart Action

These last few weeks I haven’t seen anything noteworthy as far as positive price action in gold and silver, until now. Focusing in on the silver chart I see a very similar pattern of accumulation, to the 4 month bottom pattern between July and Nov. of last year. The pattern then, encompassed an initial low in July, the actual low right around Sept. 1st and the final, higher low in mid Oct. It subsequently rose $6.5 by Jan. 1. Currently, the first (and actual low so far) was in late June, the secondary low was in mid August and we have had a double low here in Sept. separated by two weeks, somewhat similar but not identical, to last October’s two week double bottom. I believe yesterday marked the bottom, but since I continue to expect sharply lower stock prices in the next few days,(I am still long calls on SQQQ since Sept. 1st) it is possible we have to wait a little while longer for the initial upward thrust that leads to a breakout.

There Is No Climate Emergency!

“A total of 1,609 scientists, professors and other scholars have signed on to a new declaration that argues there is no climate change crisis.

There is no climate emergency” is the title of the declaration that consists of 53 pages’ worth of signatories from across the globe, including some Nobel Laureates and other researchers from prestigious universities. Other signers include engineers, attorneys and other professionals.

The declaration, published with its endorsers in mid-August, lists six main arguments against the alleged climate crisis, including that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant and is actually “plant food” and “the basis of all life on Earth.”

“The geological archive reveals that Earth’s climate has varied as long as the planet has existed, with natural cold and warm phases. The Little Ice Age ended as recently as 1850. Therefore, it is no surprise that we now are experiencing a period of warming…

The world has warmed significantly less than predicted by IPCC on the basis of modeled anthropogenic forcing. The gap between the real world and the modeled world tells us that we are far from understanding climate change.

There is no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying hurricanes, floods, droughts and suchlike natural disasters, or making them more frequent. However, there is ample evidence that CO2-mitigation measures are as damaging as they are costly…

To believe the outcome of a climate model is to believe what the model makers have put in. This is precisely the problem of today’s climate discussion to which climate models are central. Climate science has degenerated into a discussion based on beliefs, not on sound self-critical science. Should not we free ourselves from the naive belief in immature climate models?”

The College Fix

“to B” or “not to B” (but to C instead?)

Probably the final chapter for this thread, aside from an epilogue.

Joe Taverna outlines The Question with this chart.
Do we get the 5th wave up, or does support fail?
(where “B” represents the high for the rally that started a year ago, implied in the chart)

Dan also highlights the major LITS here.


It would be no surprise therefore to see a bounce here.
BUT … while I’m on SPX bottom watch, I have nothing at ANY degree suggesting its imminent using my own non-EW charts.

So my default is that we’re in large 1 down of the C wave, off the July highs, with a subdivided internal third wave. Meaning, two sets of 4,5s into the bottom for this initial large wave down (1 of 5 waves in total) of C.

UPDATE … rally off lows cannot be a bullish impulse starting Big 5, by rule, due to corrective decline of “iv” overlapping first wave “i”. More likely abc x abc for double zig zag up to key R at 4340 spx.

Gold — the EW pattern

EW is pretty easy to read.
Its very hard to write (do).
I’ve been learning (without doing) for 20 years.
Instead, I’ve developed my own tools to use alongside those who do EW far better than I ever can.

I’ve said all along that gold is not in a bull market (unless you zoom out to decades).
Its in a secular bull market correction, since 2011.
I’ve been aware of this chart pattern since the early days. But you rarely see it in the real world.
But as I have it, it looks like a good fit. I alluded to the triangle portion yesterday.
We’re in c of the triangle as I see things.


For bearings, W was the 2015 low.

Mainstream Public Waking Up To Gold

Just one more data point that the main stream public is waking up to gold. New highs above $2100 before year end. These 1oz bars are perfect for Christmas gifts. https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/27/costco-is-selling-gold-bars-and-they-are-selling-out-within-a-few-hours.html

Washington’s Bio-Weapon Attack On China

Fascinating take. Not only plausible but quite probable. https://www.unz.com/mwhitney/was-washingtons-bio-weapon-attack-on-china-a-success/?utm_source=email&utm_campaign=mwhitney

Is Chrystia Freeland A Fraud Or A Nazi Sympathizer?


Who is the Happiest in this Classic Picture for the Ages ?

Turd looks a bit uncomfortable


Toronto Libtardian news and Sports Ancor Goes off on the Turd and Co.

WOW…Thanks Tom
I am a sports fan and I used to watch Tim and Sid . You could tell they were …like ALL sports media people…Libtardians
I actually stopped watching they were so political at times …real morons
I had no idea Sid was on a news show now.
This is a good thing ….Love it
He is right of course…Liberals are going to become extinct …not soon enough though…2 years is a Long time




Canadians go to 30 min mark and wait for it….Canada the biggest Nazi Loving Nation on the Planet…Ritter exposes Freeland …we won’t let up until she is removed in every way .


‘Unconscionable’: Baby boomers are becoming homeless at a rate ‘not seen since the Great Depression’ — here’s what’s driving this terrible trend

Many baby boomers across the country are now coming to terms with the hard reality that working for your entire adult life is no longer enough to guarantee you’ll have a roof over your head in your later years.

Thanks in part to a series of recessions, high housing costs and a shortage of affordable housing, older adults are now the fastest-growing segment of America’s homeless population, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal

“The fact that we are seeing elderly homelessness is something that we have not seen since the Great Depression,”



Thanks Daryl….LOLOLOLOL…Brilliant


Trudeau refuses to personally apologize for Nazi celebration But he said the incident was hurtful particularly to Jews, racialized people, and the 2SLGBTQI+ population.


The Great Backpedaling Is Upon Us

When it comes to opinions on climate change, the developed West is divided roughly into four camps, primarily as a function of political leanings. In one camp are those the media has labeled “hard right” or “climate deniers”—people who suspect climate change is a hoax used as cover to implement a global socialist agenda. On the other extreme sit those often labeled “hard left” or “climate alarmists”—people who believe the world is coming to an end, fossil fuels are to blame, and time is rapidly running out.

Between this polarity sits the vast majority of citizens, sorted into what we would call the “soft right” and “soft left.” Members of the soft right generally value environmental protections but put little stock into the idea that the planet is in existential danger. They also tend to be optimistic about humanity’s ability to respond to any climate challenge in light of historical adaptations and the exponential pace of today’s technology development. Those on the soft left assign more seriousness to the climate crisis, vote for candidates who promote environmental causes, and are ready to make lifestyle changes—to drive an electric vehicle, perhaps install solar panels on their roofs, and dutifully sort their trash to separate recyclables—in an eagerness to do their part.

We have long suspected that the soft left is only willing to go so far in this regard, reasonably drawing a line to shield their standard of living. This group is now aware of the Big Lie™ sold by climate alarmists — that we can radically reduce our use of fossil fuels without meaningfully impacting our lifestyles. It was fine enough to play footsie with such assumptions when energy was plentiful and interest rates hovered around zero, but as the energy crisis unfolded and inflationary pressures took hold, the initial consequences of decoupling from fossil fuels left many quietly wondering what exactly it is they signed up for.




Ridicule is the best weapon against these Buffoons …They are scared little psychopaths with NO Power …That is becoming more evident by the day

Trudeau Attempts To Distract From Nazi Controversy By Growing Cool New Mustache


From Brian 🙂

Canada’s honoring of Nazi vet exposes Ottawa’s longstanding Ukraine policy

Thanks Sally….Bombshell Report…Including an expose of that Vile Little NAZI POS Chrystia Freeland .

By Max Blumenthal

Max Blumenthal is an American author and blogger. He was a writer for The Nation, AlterNet, The Daily Beast, Al Akhbar, and Media Matters for America, and has contributed to Al Jazeera English, The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. He has been a writing fellow of the Nation Institute

In otherwords a Card carrying Liberal if there ever was one


In the Spring of 1943, Yaroslav Hunka was a fresh-faced soldier in the 14th Grenadier Division of the Waffen-SS Galicia when his division received a visit from the architect of Nazi Germany’s genocidal policies, Heinrich Himmler. Having presided over the battalion’s formation, Himmler was visibly proud of the Ukrainians who had volunteered to support the Third Reich’s efforts.

80 years later, the Speaker of Canada’s parliament, Anthony Rota, also beamed with pride after inviting Hunka to a reception for Volodymyr Zelensky, where the Ukrainian president lobbied for more arms and financial assistance for his country’s war against Russia.

“We have in the chamber today Ukrainian war veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians and continues to support the troops today even at his age of 98,” Rota declared during the September 22 parliamentary event in Ottawa.


Coin toss

50/50 shot, it’s either about to breakdown spectacularly, or about to spike up after double tapping support.   I have it still seeking out a dcl in the next 2-3 weeks so I bought small position of BITI.  We’ll see what happens!


Sold SPY puts

I sold my short positions which I entered toward end of July. It is all guessing of course, but got lucky with the entry and decided to cash out profits. Beside number of stocks above MA50 got small. With the benefit of a hindsight, i should cover my puts mid August.

Oil is surprisingly strong today.

I’m holding all my uranium shares through this correction. I’m surprised how well stocks performed. There are lots of interesting news. Russia is buying and may be short. Orano is closing their mine for now in Niger. Top two producers are both showing less production than previously thought. Poland will build it’s first nuclear power. And on and on and on…

May not be surprise, that uranium spot is keep inching higher for now:


But, correction is coming, they always come. I just don’t know when and I don’t care since when I’m trying to be cute I usually regret…

GDX – update with Sam

Dropped below its daily 3sd lower band today.
That’s typically an automatic buy signal for the next day.
But since that’s a daily band, its not a signal for higher time frames.
My metrics are pointing to (not before) EOY for a sustained turn in the sector.
That’s a back of the envelope measure, not a fine tuned goalpost.

I read Sam … maybe he reads the Tent …

this evening’s unusual midweek update (prior count invalidated, so now a notable adjustment)

For those curious, the gold abcd are parts of a triangle (e not shown) that resolves bullishly after e down.