I Still Wonder…

Above is Sir Schism’s chart. He can’t update it anymore. I tried to recreate recent action below.

Me being cheap can’t go back any further.

I wonder if we see a hit of that bottom parabola in a PANIC taking down PM’s.

Then, Fed drops rates and UP FOR ALL… PM’s finally do their moonshot…..

GDX Timing- Same…. Low in May?

SILJ Timing- Low in May?

Ukraine Gets Their Billions Despite CIA Director Reportedly Warning Zelenksy To Stop Stealing So Much Money

…one estimate by analysts from the CIAput the embezzled funds at $400 million last year, at least… “although there will be no professional audit reports emerging from the Ukraine.”

Democrats cheered and waved Ukrainian flags, chanting “Ukraine, Ukraine!” in some pavlovian response to Congress passing a bill that will send (another) $61 billion to Ukraine with no questions asked

But, remember, the first rule of sending money to corrupt Ukraine is… you don’t talk about how corrupt Ukraine is (or you get impeached).


Gold Seasonality: 25 year trend

Not predicting that this may happen but we may be seeing the pause.

I’m holding my core.

On SALE! – Gold & Silver

What do you do when something you have been wanting and waiting to buy goes on sale? You pounce. Today is the day. Since most of us have bought at much lower levels we can still add to our stacks.(I bought a little more silver this morning)

However, the really big thing you can do today is encouraged all your friends, relatives and acquaintances who have hesitated to do so, to get on board, before the train leaves the station. If they wake up and do so at these levels, they will thank you in the months and years to come.

The Play Of The Day

Here is the play of the day (not a day trade) but a buy for the next few months or so. You will remember my pounding the table for CDE months ago at 3 and 2 and I said it would likely go to multiples of those prices based on past silver bull markets.

It recently got to a few cents below 5.5. There is a gap around 3.80 that should get filled this morning. That is the entry point for anyone looking to play.

I expect that when silver breaks $30 and runs eventually to $50, CDE will reach between $9 and $10, at least. (This is not investment advice, just my opinion.)

TGIF: WWIII May Come Tomorrow, But………Biden student loan bailout for the rich as 750,000 recipients are making over $312,000 year.

? Biden continues paying off successful young voters: Sorry, I mean “forgiving student debt.” Biden this week paid off another $7.4 billion in student loans, making his total student loan cancellation something like $153 billion. And by cancellation, I mean tax dollars were used to make the ledger go to zero. How much exactly? From Penn Wharton’s analysis: “We estimate that President Biden’s recently announced ‘New Plans’ to provide relief to student borrowers will cost $84 billion, in addition to the $475 billion that we previously estimated for President Biden’s SAVE plan.” But that goes to really needy people, right? Well, actually, at least 750,000 of those households are “making over $312,000 in average household income.” Meanwhile, to anyone who questions this allocation of resources, the White House answer is to shame them from official White House accounts by listing how much in pandemic loans were forgiven for House Republicans who own individual small business, which is weird because the reason businesses needed pandemic relief was because the White House banned them from operating. It’s a trap! And the only answer is to pay off every Media Studies PhD student’s loan. Colleges, for their part, are now charging up to $100,000 a year. Yes, literally. And since that’s ultimately going to be paid for by the taxpayers, why work to make it less expensive? Why cut corners when you need to remodel the cafeteria?


This really is World War III It’s Team Tyranny vs. Team Freedom in the fight of our lives


Growing into normalcy is a blow! “LGBT Movement Suffers Major Blow In New Study”

I’d never lose faith in some young mind who got off track, but realized the reality sooner or later.
Faith is eternal.
Mistakes are made by the young and the influenceable, especially with today’s bombardment of “acceptance” by the social media.

But see the headline!



First Hand Account of Atomic Bombing of Japan “effects were…wildly exaggerated”

The following article published in Readers Digest in 1946 is a first hand witness account by Major Alexander P. de Seversky on the  effects of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It may well be the most credible written report of the time that still survives intact. How strange that it has been relegated to the conspiracy theory category of SCRIBD.

The article is titled “Atomic Bomb Hysteria” and provides damning insight into an event that may or may not have even taken place. As you will appreciate after reading this document, the so-called effects of the atomic detonation appeared no different to the Major than those seen in every other incendiary attack on Japan. He notes a number of times that the signature effects of a nuclear explosion such as high radioactivity, signs of evaporation of matter etcetera were simply not apparent.

While the Major does not come right out and call the event a hoax, there is enough written in his own words that you will likely come to that conclusion anyway by simply reading between the lines. Of course doing so carries its own luggage. If you believe that Atomic bombs don’t exist then you must also understand that our unique technological defensive position in the world is fraud and we are therefore as bare and unprotected as everyone else.

And at that point you must also begin to understand that the group of countries claiming to have nuclear weapons stockpiles are also in on the con-job. That includes Russia who has been furiously threatening the West with nuclear annihilation this year unless NATO stops its threatening behavior in Ukraine. All of it is a fraud in my view. There are no nukes. The key powers know it and the scientists involved are as silent as those in the medical community who have kept their heads down and shut up about mRNA injections being efficacious.

Anyway, decide for yourself. The Major was there shortly after the supposed bombing ended. He was attacked from all sides after giving his reports. Even in 1945 there were the equivalent of media fact checkers and university smarty pants trying to educate us all about how things really work. This is as good a time as any to use our own heads and come to rational conclusions of our own.

ATOMIC BOMB HYSTERIA – By Major Alexander P. de Seversky:

“As Special Consultant to the Secretary of War, Judge Robert P. Patterson, I spent nearly eight months intensively studying war destruction in Europe and Asia. I became thoroughly familiar with every variety of damage – from high explosives, incendiaries, artillery shells, dynamite, and combinations of these. In this study, I inspected Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the targets of our atom bomb, examining the ruins, interrogating eyewitnesses and taking hundreds of pictures.
It was my considered opinion, I told correspondents in Tokyo, that the effects of the atom bombs… had been wildly exaggerated.
If dropped on New York or Chicago, one of those bombs would have done no more damage than a ten-ton blockbuster; and the results in Hiroshima and Nagasaki could have been achieved by about 200 B-29’s loaded with incendiaries, except that fewer Japanese would have been killed. I did not “underrate” atom bombs or dispute their future potential. I merely conveyed my professional findings on the physical results of the two bombs – and they happened to be in startling contrast to the hysterical imaginative versions spread through the world. My findings were pounced upon in outraged anger by all sorts of people, in the press, on the air, at public forums; and by scientists who haven’t been within 5000 miles of Hiroshima. But the violence of this reaction cannot alter the facts on view in the two Japanese cities.
I began my study of Japan by flying over Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, and dozens
of other places. Later I visited them all on foot”………………….
Continues in first comment….

The week ahead: more surprises in the Iran-Israel game?

Of course, if the below were true, Iran would downplay it, as Israel claims that the Rampage went undetected by Iran’s air defense systems.


My gut feeling tells me that this escalates in the coming week: creating the perfect garb for the long awaited correction in the broader stock markets.

The 10-yr yields are still the most intriguing market, as they could rise or fall, since they are breaking out of a consolidation, after having reached 5% a few months ago. Of course, if they do fall (which is likely not, as bonds are no longer a safe haven), it could just be a backtest before they eventually set new highs. I believe this could have been a stretched Intermediate Cycle, but I’ll leave that to the TA experts at the Tent.

If all this accelerates, the Fed gets the cover for an emergency rate cut.

In other news, Walmart is reducing self-checkout kiosks and adding back “personalized service” … right after the demise of 99-cent stores etc.


Is the Confiscation of Russian Assets Imminent? Probably Not



Whatever happened to all the Gold that the Japanese plundered before and during WW2?

“Gold Warriors” (2003), an interesting book by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave. Big on details and names. One can get lost following the cast of characters.

Allegedly, the Japanese buried the plundered Gold in the Philippines.
As the war came to a close, US Intelligence discovered the looted treasure. President Truman and members of the Intelligence Community kept this secret. They used these unaccountable funds to fight the Cold War, interfere in foreign elections and deploy covert operations all over the World. Any Nazis Gold had the same treatment and was run through Swiss accounts.

It appears to be well documented. No one really knows how much there was or whether it has been exhausted. At the time it was discovered, it was felt that if the hoard was revealed it could collapse the price of Gold ($35usd) that was held in Central Bank reserves. Possibly like the effect the Inca Gold had coming back to Spain centuries ago.

The CIA was funded for 50 years by this off-book asset.



Relaxed Greetings!

The journey back to Oregon was smooth, with only pleasant surprises along the way. Now, along with the endless things to attend to, I’m also slowly making progress in catching up on the photos. Here’s a link to the latest photo gallery that has been completed:


Wishing you some worthwhile rest & relaxation!




Sundance on the Intelligence Branch …. the 4th (and Superseding) branch of govt.

“After days of research and meetings in DC during 2020; amid a town that was serendipitously shut down due to COVID-19; I found a letter slid under the door of my room in a nearly empty hotel with an introduction of sorts. The subsequent discussions were perhaps the most important. After many hours of specific questions and answers on specific examples, I realized why our nation is in this mess. That is when I discovered the fourth and superseding branch of government, the Intelligence Branch.”


pedro: now tie this back to Tucker and Rogan and VigilantFox.

and to Fully: this might also explain MJ and DJT and ANYONE ELSE we might care to make THE NEW BOSS.

“The DNI office created a problem for those who operate in the shadows of proprietary information. You’ll see how it was critical to install a person uniquely skilled in being an idiot, James Clapper, into that willfully blind role while intelligence operatives worked around the office to assemble the Intelligence Branch of Government.”


“Pelosi and Reid intentionally did not advance a budget in 2008 (for fiscal year 2009) because their plan included installing Barack Obama (and all that came with him) with an open checkbook made even more lucrative by a worsening financial crisis and a process called baseline budgeting. Baseline budgeting means the prior fiscal year budget is accepted as the starting point for the next year budget. All previous expenditures are baked into the cake within baseline budgeting.

Massive bailouts preceded Obama’s installation due to U.S. economic collapse, and massive bailouts continued after his installation. This is the ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ aspect. TARP (Troubled Asset Recovery Program), auto bailouts (GM), and the massive stimulus spending bill, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA, ie. those shovel ready jobs) were all part of the non budget spending.”


“Through the advise and consent rules, the Intelligence Branch uses the SSCI to keep out people they consider dangerous to their ongoing operations. Any appointee to the intelligence community must first pass through the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, before they get a full Senate vote. If the SSCI rejects the candidate, they simply refuse to take up the nomination. The president is then blocked from that appointment. This is what happened with President Trump over-and-over again.

• Additionally, the Intelligence Branch protects itself, and its facilitating allies through the formal classification process. The Intelligence Branch gets to decide unilaterally what information will be released and what information will be kept secret. There is no entity outside the Intelligence Branch, and yes that includes the President of the United States, who can supersede the classification authority of the Intelligence Branch.”

Workplaces to start offering psychedelics to help employees

According a report, a growing number of companies are exploring the possibility of offering psychedelic drug therapy to their employees as a method of mental health treatment.

Research has shown drugs such as MDMA, psilocybin (a.k.a magic mushrooms), and ketamine can be useful as alternative mental health treatment for conditions such as depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Founder of Alexis Healthcare Systems, Jorge Yant, told The Wall Street Journal he has started offering psychedelic-assisted therapy coverage to his employees through benefits startup Enthea.

“I’ve experimented with psychedelics myself, and I could see how it could be helpful to people,” Yant told the paper.

“It’s going to come. We see the writing on the wall,”



This should work wonders in Accounting Departments!

US Justice System………………..

Broken Britain

Youths armed with machetes & baseball bats are now common place within Britain’s inner cities as society continues to descend into chaos.



Lindsey Graham credits President Trump with the passage of Ukraine funding:

“This would not have passed without President Trump. I want to thank Speaker Johnson and Hakeem Jeffries working together to get weapons to Ukraine.”


We KNOW Johnson was “Captured” but now it looks like He was NOT the only one


AND…The House just adjourned without taking a Vote to Oust Johnson.



RemeMber that recent Visit to Mar a Lago by Neocon Cameron ? Luongo and many others celebrated that Cameron was summarily dismissed ( booted out ) by Trump

Looks like maybe that’s not the truth. Did he promise Trump some type Of support ..or did he blackmail him ?



This Is What The Globalists REALLY Fear

James Corbett . he takes a hell of a long time to get to the F**KING Point…BUT this is an important Article IMO


To sum it up Corbett is saying what we have been saying here for a while

The Cretins are loosing control of the “Message” and WE are Taking Control and it’s time to recognize and acknowledge this and Keep Pushing forward ..all day every day

R.I.P. San Francisco…………….


Net Zero CO2 Emissions: A Damaging and Totally Unnecessary Goal

The goal of reaching “Net Zero” global anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide sounds overwhelmingly difficult. While humanity continues producing CO2 at increasing rates (with a temporary pause during COVID), how can we ever reach the point where these emissions start to fall, let alone reach zero by 2050 or 2060?

What isn’t being discussed (as far as I can tell) is the fact that atmospheric CO2 levels (which we will assume for the sake of discussion causes global warming) will start to fall even while humanity is producing lots of CO2.

Why is that? The reason is due to something called the CO2 “sink rate”. It has been observed that the more CO2 there is in the atmosphere, the more quickly nature removes the excess. The NASA studies showing “global greening” in satellite imagery since the 1980s is evidence of that.

I don’t understand why this issue is not being discussed. All of the Net Zero rhetoric I see seems to imply that warming will continue if we don’t cut our CO2 emissions to essentially zero. But that’s not true, because that’s not how nature works.



Yesterday afternoon CNN ran a story headlined, “Analysis: By passing Ukraine aid, the accidental speaker became an unlikely Churchill.” It was the most distorted and grotesquely obsequious piece of ‘journalism’ I can recall running in any corporate media source.

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Of the first ten paragraphs, eight paragraphs began by invoking the Speaker’s name. They’ve finally found a Republican to love. Every single reference was gushing with affection, if not sickening romantic infatuation.

According to CNN, Johnson showed rare political courage and notable legislative skill, he put his own job in extreme peril, he stood up for a democratic nation, and he heroically and single-handedly could save thousands of Ukrainian lives:

image 2.png
It was so over the top that I suspect they are really damning Johnson with liberal praise, throwing him under the RINO bus to protect the McConnell wing of the Republican Party in the House, who were the real goats.

After all, it wasn’t just Johnson. He only allowed the vote to come to the floor. In what the AP called “an overwhelming vote,” the House yesterday “swiftly approved” $95 billion in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and other totalitarian purposes in its rare Saturday session as “Democrats and Republicans banded together” after months of “hard-right resistance” over “renewed American support” for protecting Ukraine’s border.

Presumably, anyone who thought $61 billion would be better used to protect America’s border is “hard-right resistance.” Of the Republicans, 101 voted in favor of the Ukraine aid package (plus all democrats), and 112 voted against. Ironically, it was a GOP bill, so more democrats voted for the Republican bill than Republicans did.

image 4.png
That explains why, after the warmongering pork package passed, Democrats cheered on the House floor — for a GOP bill — and waved their beloved blue-and-yellow Ukrainian flags. I wish they would hurry up and move there, since they love it so much. I hear the eastern part of the country is nice this time of year.

image 3.png
House Republicans also supported passage of a bill yesterday to force TikTok to liquidate, giving the company twelve months to sell its assets or be banned from America. Regardless of whether you believe all the government hysteria about how … what, exactly? … bad is TikTok, it’s a banana-republic, crony-capitalism move against foreign-owned private property to boost more compliant domestic providers like Zuckerberg’s Meta.

I’ll probably write more about this tomorrow, now that the die has been cast. But it seems like Johnson isn’t the problem. He’s a symptom of the problem. A hundred House Republicans are the bigger problem. They defied the clear majority of the Republican base and joined with democrats to help Biden push Ukraine’s battered corpse across the electoral finish line.

Now the battle, such as it is, moves to the democrat-controlled Senate. It is sure to pass, and it will not save Ukraine. A more cynical potlatch of $100 billion dollars is difficult to imagine.

Thoughts & Perspective On Commodities Bullishness

It is clear that most commodities are in uptrends, with some of them reaching new ATH’s. We have seen comparisons to the stagflation days of the Seventies.

Even if this run doesn’t rise to those heights in terms of magnitude and duration, a look at the 2008-2011 period provides hope to the gold and silver community.

Looking at the chart of the DBA ETF,(agricultural, so industrial commodities not included)we see it topped out in early 2008. It took three years for gold and silver to reach their peaks, which despite a 2008 correction, ended up massively higher.

It may not play out exactly the same as then, but with commodities likely still not near their peaks and even allowing for a future steep correction along the way, the ultimate top for gold and silver, should be months, if not years away and with prices, significantly higher, than from current levels.

The Duran

Preventing Ukraine collapse during US election
Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris (24:15)


Iran and Israel at war?
Alexander Mercouris, Glenn Diesen, Seyed Mohammad Marandi (1:07:12)


US House, Ukraine chants and flags. Mike Johnson is Churchill. Blinken to deliver ultimatum to China
Alexander Christoforou (43:49)


Rus Brushes Off $61B Ukr Package; Intensifies Advance, 2 Villages Captured; Israel Attack Iran Base
Alexander Mercouris (1:07:19)



Novomykhailivka, Berdychi And Semenivka Have Fallen | Military Summary And Analysis For 2024.04.21
Dima (14:14)


The Bloom | The Russians Captured Bohdanivka | The USA Sends 60 Advisors. Military Summary 2024.4.21
Dima (Live at 12:20 PDST, 15:30 EDST)



From Martin Armstrong : an Interview via Stephen Gardner

They Dont tell us who this is but looks like Tucker also interviewed this man …so his name and former position in the party should be available



Thanks Ray

Biden To Withdraw Troops From Niger

The dominoes are falling. This is Afghanastan 2.0, soon to be followed by Iraq and others. Indicative of the coming end of US dominance, both militarily and economically.

Getting out of all these foreign countries is actually good, as we never should have ventured into them in the first place.

Just means a more rapid end to dollar dominance and a quicker rush into gold by the entire world. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/biden-withdraw-troops-niger-region-increasingly-turns-russia

I’m just going to leave this here and see what happens