We have just suffered 2 years of incessant FEAR PORN based on an invisible “enemy” and the response of the World of Science and Medicine and Politics via the Completely Controlled “Main Stream” ” Media”

And Immediately after all of this Bullshit started to be uncovered and realized by the collective and therefore walked back by the perps…. we are now caught up in incessant FEAR PORN based on another “enemy” and the Political Response again via the “Main Stream” Media AND THIS TIME all of the Alternative Media and Analysts as well.

The verdict is IN… Martin Armstrong has Decreed…World War 3 is here and Now

So the Fear of Dying from an invisible Enemy which was Infinitely Exaggerated and turned out to be less than .0001 % of the total population (predominately in people past the average life span) has now morphed into

The Fear Nuclear War with its attending world wide incineration and poisoning of every living creature and / or Mass Worldwide Starvation and / or Mass Freezing / Boiling to death due to No Power and / or Complete mass descent into darkness ( World wide Telecommunication and Internet Disruption) and / or all humanity becoming cyborgs completely controlled by a few Pathologically Evil Masters and / or Most humans are going to die slow painful deaths from lethal injections they eagerly agreed to

AND we are lead to websites and Links dedicated to tell us how we can survive all of this .ALL I CAN SAY TO THAT IS… WHAT FOR ?

I have watched countless videos and read countless articles posted here at the tent this past week and each and every one is full of Doom and Gloom . I have been searching for a positive point of view …just ONE…will do…but alas there are NONE

A few of you were very excited about one Video by a guy name Murrin

Brilliant Cycle Theorist . Articulate with incredible credentials..

Watch this it is great…everyone agreed…well I watched thinking this man would offer some positive hope for us ..and the conclusion was…Either we are all Going to Die as China Strikes North America out of the blue with Nukes…and soon OR we are all gonna die in a Bilateral nuclear Holocaust.

Ha…well let us pray we have the courage to make the right choice then. sheesh

How the fuck is this great ? What is the matter with everybody ?

See my Post Below from an entity called Abraham who I have been following for 3 decades..This is Literally Infinite Intelligence…exponentially beyond any of these so called “Brilliant” analysts who have all decided the end of the world is here and now !

Which reminds me of something we all know but seemed to have forgotten