This week My Water treatment guy sent me an email that my system was due for maintenance .

He said he would be wearing a mask and carrying 3 types of decontaminant sprays

I told him if he is wearing a mask I will shoot first and ask questions later.
He was so relieved to find someone “sane” …we had a long talk when he arrived.
He told me the previous client , a woman , had not been out of her house for 9 months and had not let anyone in for the same. He said she was a nervous wreck while he was there …all masked and shielded up with clorox spray in both hands . and when he left she immediately sprayed the front door behind him .
How sad …how freaking unbelievable .

Kip was fully aware …I asked how come and he said his wife has clued him in and he has a network of family members also clued in…but over 90% of his clients had some version of the above.

Here is an article that hits on this HOMOSAPIENSAPHOBIA . This is a Real Psychosis . Millions are affected and it is destroying their lives .

PANDA also published a protocol for reopening society “to provide a road map out of the damaging cycle of lockdowns.”32 Hudson quoted Nelson Mandela, who stated courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. We all need to strive for courage and support awareness campaigns aimed at stopping the harmful narrative, relieving fear and protecting future freedom.