The Spirit lives on.

Some of you folks new to the Tent….Who may be horrified at the Fact something like This (AZS) can happen.

Get used to it .

PM Explorers ( Rocks) …as in…… you have to be a little “off your rocks” to buy these things…..have a long and well deserved tradition of being the wild wild west of the Equity Universe.

This goes back a long way…well before the BreX Scandal …

If you are bored with Utilities and the steady ho hum 20% year appreciation of the Blue Chips…come on over to our saloon and pull up a chair and watch what real men do !

Barkeep make it a double !

A Double ? Hell make it a home run (I got a sure 50 bagger in here sonny)

Seriously folks…its an addiction…these Rocks…some times if they get piled too high they can fall and bury you too

Here lies a couple of Rock Investors