Alex Berenson

Dial E for exponential:
So South Korea finds itself exactly the wrong place in the Covid cycle. 600,000 cases a day….the highest % of population ever in any Country !

It vaccinated its citizens mostly from June through October 2021. It started boosters in November, and the people who who received the third jabs first were the elderly and frail. The reason South Korea has the highest rate of new Covid cases any country has ever seen is not despite but because it is so highly vaccinated. The failure of the shots is accelerating the rate of infection and transmission.

Meantime, as cases and hospitalizations and deaths take off, South Korea is doing –

Well, pretty much nothing. The country has been loosening restrictions for months and says it will continue to do so.

We’re all Team Reality now, folks, even if some of the bluechecks still haven’t caught up. The only question left is not how much good but how much damage those miracle shots have done.