Spock posted a link showing that New Zealand in 2017 and Canada in 2018 had Tariffs already in place for importing covid-19 test Kits….2 and 3 years before Covid-19 existed.

This is obscure information and one would think it would still be there BUT…I just received an email from a reader

Hey Fully,
I just noticed in that link about test kits being imported that it has changed from specifying covid 19 test kits to just medical test kits now..go check those links, it’ different, they changed it!
Anyhow, just thought id drop u a note–didnt want to register, easier just to send a note.


Indeed “They” have changed the information from Covid-19 test Kits to “medical test kits”

Anybody who may have taken a screen shot please forward to the contact email on the sidebar.

Thanks Shane…good eye



Ah Shane is a sharp guy..he took a screen shot before the old switcheroo.

Here it is for posterity…crooks !

I asked Shane why he thought to take a screen shot

Yeah Gary,

“I just decided to…it was such a peculiar thing to see, and the website is legitimate, and on a speculative impulse I took the screen shots. My eyes fell out of my head when I went back to see the link and observed the changes, “They” actually changed it, for real! I can’t believe it! Somebody told someone to change it!!
We are living through extraordinary times.”



from another astute reader…here is what may be the original discovery of this world Bank Website with the Covid-19 tests listed…a screen shot in a tweet from a man named Ronan Manly
includes this astounding fact