This is how it works in Israel .

We have heard dire warnings that Vaccine ‘Passports” are coming everywhere….and they sound ominous for those of us who are Informed Vaccine Rejecters ( Rejects for short 🙂 )

Israel is the first to have legislated them.

They of course are furthest along the Vaccination trail.

Initially they recorded a surge in deaths amongst the elderly …huge numbers apparently

But at this point in time their Numbers of cases and deaths have dropped to a trickle.

Is this because the vaccines are working or was this trend already in order.

Stay tuned on that because I dunno .

Fortunately We have a member at Rambus Chartology living in Israel, who I converse with periodically.

This Woman is a gem . Always ends the email conversation with ” Be of Good Cheer”

She has been vaccinated but I sense No judgement towards those who Reject it.

I asked how it works and here is her reply

Hi Gary

Things in Israel are actually getting much better. The economy is pretty much open. Restaurants, movie theatres, stores etc…are all open.

Most of the population got vaccinated.

Out of 9 million people, 2.5 million are children who are not yet being vaccinated .

So out of 6 and a half million grown ups there is only about one million that don’t want to get vaccinated.

They are only allowed to get into restaurants and crowded events with a 72 hour valid negative test. But they can get freely into stores, transportation etc…

I am hearing that the same is true in some work places and teachers in schools and I am sure that for them it is a big inconvenience.

They are talking about not having to wear masks outdoors soon.

Not sure what the American media is telling, but its actually not bad at all.

The politics and the elections are a total mess but that is a different story.

All the best and with good spirit,


Followed up after several more questions

Hi Gary

There are 2 types of passports.

One is Certificate of Vaccination which is a paper one that everyone can print or a Green Passport which is a digital version.

Both are acceptable.

Sit down restaurants are required to check (for vaccine certificate ) but they don’t ask for your id.

Fastfood or takeout restaurants don’t check.

Keep in mind, this is Middle East and the key word is “more or less”. Its not like America. The mentality is very different. People always try to bend the rules and enforcement is not the same everywhere. Its different from place to place…hhh

The passports have expiration date 6 month from now but they are saying that it might be longer depends on what they find out.

By the way, regular stores don’t check anything. Its only restaurants and places and events that involve crowds.

Yes, its nice chatting to you.
We are living in very “interesting” times.
If someone would tell us 14 months ago what the world would look like, we would think that person is CRAZY.

PS…I forgot to ask one more question…you mention 2.5 million children
They are not going to be vaccinated ?
If so what age is the cut off age

Currently the cut off is 16.
They are waiting for the FDA approval to vaccinate children and then they will vaccinate 12-16
All the best and good investments,

xxxxx xxxxx


So there we have it

15% do not want to be vaccinated and it looks like they can participate with minor inconveniences in society at this point.

It’s a pain in the ass to need to get Schwabbed every time you want to go to a restaurant or event

But I am sure the “market” will assist .

I find this all somewhat comforting to say the least .

I will be following up as things progress.