NOTES:   1) The following summary is to just wet your appetite & encourage all to review this link.

                  2) This is pure evil — pace yourself — I am still working through it all — there are MANY links to official government documents imbedded (including the genocide of billions). I recommend that everyone should read this (as difficult as it will be).

                   3) This is a legal AUDIT TRAIL (in laymans terms) providing links to approvals for execution of much of what has and is now being enacted around the world including the background of “who, when, where and how” it has been orchestrated. It is FAR GREATER than COVID.

                   4) FGC — this is DEFINATELY side-bar research material.

Report: Attorney Todd Callender’s January 30, 2022 interview by Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet.

Callender is an international disability rights law expert and currently represents military personnel challenging Department of Defense “vaccine” mandates.

Below is a full written report, including supporting research, additional information and related developments on the subject of the legal relationship between government acts and how the Covid-19 event is legally classified: pandemic, act of biological or chemical war, contract fraud, and/or a crime against humanity.

At the current time, the formerly criminal actions of governments are legally defined as not-crimes, and many of the crime victims who formerly would have been entitled to human rights protections under law, can be legally defined as not-humans.


The goals and actions of the individual humans working on the global Covid-19 democide project are so brazenly and profoundly evil that good human minds shut down the instant they confront the information. We recoil instinctively — emotionally, cognitively and spiritually — from the extraordinary saturation of evil; we struggle to grasp how it can be so comprehensive in its scope and destructive in its force.

The human perpetrators and their Satanic accomplices have instituted many layers of legal and media control and distortion of information to demoralize and confuse their victims.

But our natural recoiling phenomenon, our fingertip-on-a-hot-stove natural human withdrawal from evil, provides them with powerful additional camouflage for the evil acts, because the mind of the observer will self-add the camouflage of “this is so evil, it can’t possibly be true” adding to the layers of legal and media propaganda cover the perpetrators control and impose themselves.


In the one-hour interview, Callender described international and federal legislative, executive, judicial, medical and military frameworks introduced in 1990 and reinforced repeatedly between then and now, using public health emergency predicates to create and control a new sub-human, or trans-human, species.
……..If that US Supreme Court precedent stands, it could be used to legally render people who have been injected over the past year with the mRNA/DNA pharmaceutical products marketed as Covid-19 vaccines, as the chattel property of the injection patent holders: Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson corporations.