Here are the 5 studies I believe details why the vaccine is not needed on any normal healthy person who has already been infected with COVID.

I’m gathering this evidence for myself and thought I would share

Cleveland Clinic study COVID immunity

COVID long term persisten antibodies

COVID Vaxx vs Unvaxx protection UK population

JAMA COVID reinfection Qatar

Israel Vaxx vs previous COVID infection

The most significant image is below from the UK study. The top graph shows that Not vaccinated and previously COVID positive have the same odds ration of contracting the virus as those with 2 mRNA vaccinations. But, the bottom chart is even more compelling as it breaks out the Delta vs Alpha dominant periods. Those who had COVID are just as likely to test positive for new cases of COVID as those who have been vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine. Furthermore, previous COVID confers better protection then the more traditional adenovirus type COVID vaccines.