From their Telegram channel @robinmg “Robin Monotti and Michael Yeadon and Cory Morningstar Channel.”


For an injection to be proved to reduce mortality from a virus with a ~99.9% survival rate the injection would need to give a ~100% survival rate. As this is not happening in those who received the injections then it is numerically certain that the Covid injections are NOT saving lives.


If the risk of death to healthy children from Covid19 is ZERO, and the risk of death from the spike injections is MORE THAN ZERO, then it follows that anybody administering these injections to children is a potential murderer, as any claim to health benefits is redundant when an increased risk of death is artificially created by the injection. Please make it clear to all nurses and doctors in no uncertain way.

All this covid stuff is quite simple and people like this are very good at expressing it.  Why simple people don’t understand such simple things is the only complicated part.  Figuring out why people believe and act the way they do is complicated and confusing.  The issues involved, “the science,” is the simple part.