Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) deputy director of intelligence Barry MacKillop has declared the money raised for the convoy protests came from people supporting a cause they believed in.

It was their own money. It wasn’t cash that funded terrorism or was in any way money laundering,” MacKillop told the Commons finance committee.

“These were people who supported the cause before it was declared illegal. There were people around the world who were fed up with Covid and were upset and saw the demonstrations. I believe they just wanted to support the cause.”

The Liberal government and legacy media have repeatedly claimed that the protests sweeping Canada for the past month have somehow been supported by funding from foreign extremists.

This should bode well for the Court cases against the Gov’t Emergency Measures .

The Gov’t Own Financial Watchdog says in so many words You are Full of Shit you little Turds

This should hamper any future similar moves to “Freeze” Protesters and Supporters Accounts

Also the response by Canadians ( ongoing) to pull Accounts and Cash en mass out of Canadian banks should act as a deterrent.

In effect The Banks , The Senate, The Real Opposition Party , The Main Stream Media and the People all Blasted the Turds for this massive over reaction. If this was a test They Failed . All they did was wake up the Populace to what they really are about…CONTROL …This bodes well for Us in being able to mount serious resistance to their Plans for a CBDC …which were just rolled out last week.

Also Truckers NEED to Sue Ontario and Ford for freezing their ability to access these legal Donations !! Go Fuck You Ford !