The Night before Christmas
In Twenty Eighteen
The Markets were bleeding
They’d ruptured a spleen !

Twas night before Christmas
A sight to behold
No sector was bullish
Unless it was Gold !

New fifty two low marks
Were seen everywhere
Some sectors were crashing
Oh my what a Bear !

Down Rare Earth and Cobalt
Down Oil Wood and Coal
Now Basics and Metals
Like Copper were Sold

And even Uranium
With promise so bold
Has joined to the downside
And gone very Cold

But what of the Markets
Who’d been UP a LOT ?
Like Nazy and Dowy
And Bitcoin and Pot !

More lows in those markets
More sectors are red.
Down Transports and Bios
The Russells are dead.

The Santa Clause Rally
in Twenty Eighteen
was missing in action
Nowhere to be seen !

But down in the corner
One sector does shine
Its products are rising
And ready to mine.

With everything crashing
There’s nothing but fear !
So buy Precious Metals
Their time Now is here !