They do it partly to collect their own thoughts and keep themselves and their administrative-state subordinates well-coordinated, on-task and on-schedule; partly to inform the world peasantry of their plans for controlling, sterilizing and killing us; partly to obscure their plans in a confusing avalanche of information overload; and partly to disarm us by instilling a sense of inevitability of capture alongside futility of resistance.

It takes a lot of time to locate and read documents — even just to skim them to get the general themes — and then think about the contents and connect bits of information across documents, across national borders and across time.

All such investigations converge on the same basic finding. A small group of people who have gained direct control over a large proportion of the world’s physical and financial resources, information channels and geopolitical power, dedicate their time, wealth and effort to a long-term entrapment project to get the rest of the world’s people permanently locked in a seemingly open-air, globe-spanning prison for bodies, minds, hearts and souls.

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