This WILL get very Interesting !

Excellent piece from Substacker “Yack”…Probably THE most important piece you will ever read in regards to the Covid Disaster and the coming Reckoning

….The Results are Under Review…
Public Health Emergencies Governance Review Panel

“AHS, as well as the former Premier of Alberta – Jason Kenney (and others), will have a lot to answer for in this set of reviews and given some of these above stated topics, should literally be facing prison time”


“If you look up, you will see that at the end of 2020, there were 100,428 cases and further up, 20 deaths with no comorbidites, meaning that without age stratification that showed 96% of the mortality was in those over the age of 60 (which we already knew were high risk by age alone), the survival rate of the general population of the province without pre-existing health conditions was about 99.98%.

In order to fully consent, this information should have been provided…but it wasn’t…and when proper consent isn’t present, this is deemed “Assault and Battery”, according to the Consent Guidelines for Canadian Physicians? Link

You see, even in this, the Doctors aren’t off the hook by throwing some administrative personnel under the table…The Physician is liable for assault and battery “when treatment was obtained through serious or fraudulent misrepresentation in what was explained to the patient”.

But wait…it actually gets worse.

Because the one thing I haven’t mentioned yet is coercion, under the Requirements for ‘Valid Consent’:

Patients must always be free to consent and be free of any suggestion of duress or coercion.

Patients must always be free to consent under any suggestion of compulsion by actions or words of ‘of the physician or others’, may be no consent at all.

Patients must always be free to consent and the physicians should be more than usually careful that the patients are in full agreement and that there has been no coercion and that the will of other persons has not been imposed on the patient.

Let’s see how better you are at remembering all of the things that go under coercion…here’s my list:

Not being able to go into social settings – restaurants, bars, movie theatres…

Not being able to eat the food you bought in a shopping mall food court while sitting at a table;

Not being able to tend church services in person;

Not getting before care and after care for your school aged children;

Not being able to find affordable tutoring for your child’;

Your child not being able to play extracurricular activates; & to extend this,

During lockdowns children in the Province of Alberta were threatened to be TASED by Calgary Police Services for skating on an outdoor risk;

You were restricted in travel to outside of the province; (get accommodations in British Columbia) and then,

You couldn’t leave the country; and then,

You could lose your job because of travel restrictions;

You were enticed by provincial lotteries up to a million dollars and down to $150 gift visa;

You were told that masking would end once we were all vaccinated;

You were ostracized by your family on the words of then CMOH – Deena Hinshaw – suggesting it was “unsafe to be with your unvaccinated family members”, during seasonal and religious gatherings;

You were coerced by the data on mortality that increased, retroactively in 2020 by an additional 50%;

You were called name called and shamed by everybody from your next-door neighbor to family members all the way up to the Prime Minister of Canada;

You were banned from social media for commenting with some questions regarding legitimate concerns;

Do you even know what “New Normal”, even means anymore?

Do you even remember what “Normal”, used to be?”

And I’ve only hit the first section!

Off of just this alone, we could extradite the prime minister and his whole cabinet to Alberta for crimes against the province, fire and jail the majority of doctors involved in giving the jabs…Lock up the Majority of AHS Senior Staff…Yank Kenney, Shandro and Copping in front of a tribunal and maybe even a firing squad