I may have missed it but Still haven’t seen a new Video / Interview of Damar yet….even after all the Speculation about him being severely injured or worse….The Longer it take the more “concern” there will be

Could this end the NFL ?

Today another 25 Y/0 professional football player died suddenly

What are the Odds …NFL Players are “Noticing” the Tin Foil Narrative ….and seriously concerned

I bet …Most !

I saw a video from The Buffalo QB where he says…he “Thinks” it was Hamlan who briefly showed up in the locker room pre game

No once can be sure if Hamlin is Hurt Dead or Shy

Probably not shy

So he needs to come out of the Dark already

He’s a wonderful young man and I just want to stop worrying about him .

While the World NEEDS a High Profile Vaxx Death to get to the next level of awareness…Don’t let it be Damar….let it be Some Asshole Cretin