Lets not forget nor underestimate the sound shellacking the Demons took in the House and in State Legislatures.

A sound repudiation of the Woke Wing ( hello AOCrazio )


If the remaining COUNTS finish as they are now standing , Dems have only to lose 3 votes on any issue to be shot down.

Anyone think Court packing will be on the table now ?

Speaking of which Anyone think the 5 Conservative Judges on SCOTUS would like to see “Court Packing ?”

Might that help Trump ?

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Here is just one goodie

It will be interesting to see how many Dems switch party. Facing a bloody 2022 election, many of them might provide a signal in their votes for Speaker and vote for McCarthy.

Regardless of who the next Speaker is, it will be very difficult to corral the votes for any of the major Bernie agenda priorities. Just try rigging that many local elections and see what happens. Fearing this might become the prime motivator for the House to clean up the voting process. Every two years, each congressman has to face his/her most ardent voters in person. They can’t run and hide.

The election of the next Speaker could become even bloodier than Trump vs Biden. This is where “the rubber meets the road”.

Then there is this huge deal regarding Republicans control over a majority of State Legislative Assemblies…who are poised to redraw the maps for the next 10 years