“Never attribute to malice or conspiracy that which is adequately explained by stupidity and/or incompetence.”

This Morning Old Miner Posted this from The Arrow . This guy is good and he has some points to consider .

This piece is Important IMHO and it may have been missed…(I missed it ) So a repost..with thanks to Old Miner …Please keep the Tent informed.

“From Michael R. Eades, author of Protein Power.
Don’t miss the section on Omicron. It may yet be that Omicron is to Covid-19 as cow pox is to smallpox.


What IF this really is Incompetence on a Galactic Scale ?


If this new variant ( omicron) is as mild as it appears to be, it could end up being a natural vaccine that will be vastly more protective than the current mRNA vaccines as it will stimulate memory T-cells and B-cells to recognize the entire virus and not just the spike protein. Doing so will confer natural immunity, which the Israeli study showed was 27 times more potent than vaccine-mediated immunity.

The only price people will pay for this new ‘vaccine’ is a few days of mild illness. Or it could even be the price they pay is absolutely nothing–no symptoms at all. People get symptoms from the vaccines themselves, so it’s not as if the vaccines don’t cause temporary illness in many.