Big Teck have Small Dicks…that’s why they NEED the power to control real people.

Look at these guys…Creepy Cretins …Pathetic Nerds One and All..time to take them down !

Each of us has the opportunity and more importantly the Motive to do something about this Travesty called Big Teck

This from Jim …Goldtent reader extraordinaire…this is one thing he did.

Today I cancelled my Amazon account and was always opposed to there practice of being a monopoly. I only used them due to the free one year prime membership given by my internet provider Frontier. When I called the rep the procedure would be via a link to my email which would allow me to cancel. I asked if the link provided the ability to state a reason for cancellation which it does but it is very generic in nature so with that said I then told her I will tell you my reason for cancellation. First, the sudden removal without notice by Amazon to shut off the Parlor server, thereby in essence destroying my first amendment rights and thus shutting down and destroying ability for many subscribers to exercise free speech which is identical to the same practice of censorship employed by what the CCP. This practice along with the other big tech companies constitute the purely raw form of Marxism and I will not tolerate doing business with Amazon and any other company that acts the same. I then asked her if there were others cancelling their account and she said yes many are calling to cancel and I said great to here but expect more to follow.

This motivates me to do the same….Screw Amazon’s convenience…We don’t need em. I intend to cancel too. And now that we are mostly locked down and travel is almost impossible…why not support your local merchants for everything.
Screw Walmart too and all the big box stores…MacDonalds too…all of these Corporations are killing us …one way or another.
Local ! I am going to go out of my way to support local…lord knows Small Business NEEDS our Business….even if it’s curbside . I am exclusively using the small mom and pop grocery store too.

Small is BETTER

With respect to internet services…I love Duckduckgo as a search engine…clean fast honest searches and no tracking…Don’t even say “Google it”…say “Duck IT ”

I also use a VPN for added privacy great

Brave is the best Browser..add blocking no tracking.

Now we have Bitchute and Gab and so many more outlets for every need. They all promote and support “Freedom” and “Privacy” contrary to these cretinic vermin who would take over the world…screw em

It feels really good each time I cancel these freaks and go to a different service.

Each of us has a voice…this way…Our votes don’t count anymore but this is a way to do something that if millions and millions do by one…will make a difference and ultimatey bring these little pricks down to where they belong .

Pass it on

And If you own Stock in these Mega Teck Corporations…sell it …short it if you can