Don’t forget Mike Yeadon

This is a new interview.

Very Succinct. Nobody explains it like Mike Yeadon

Bottom Line. The Big Problem with the Vaxx is that ALL the Vaxx Companies “Chose” to use the Spike Protein as the target for making antibodies .

This was the Worst choice possible .

1…It is in an of itself the most toxic protein in the virus (Potentially Trigger Blood Clots in every organ )

2…It is the most similar to human proteins ( therefore causes auto immune reactions)

3….It Mutates the fastest of all the virus subparticles ( Any Immune response after it mutates is completely negated )

It is not possible that all 4 major Vaxx Companies chose the Spike Protein from all the possible proteins to use as a catalyst for antibodies .

There is no doubt the intended purpose was a co-ordinated effort to Harm Humans.

Read the article . And if you know someone who is wavering in their belief that the Public health Officials know best …This one article is easy to understand and is all one needs to understand .

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