Jeff Childers has a great important piece on the Antidepressant Epidemic. Copied in a comment .


Ha…So what a great Gig these A Holes at Big Pharm have eh ?

TheY Do everything to scare you and therefore depress you …then through their distributoon network …better know as you friendly family physician and drug dealers ( pharmacists)… they sell you Antidepressants….which create ALL sorts of MORE horrible medical conditions…and of course they have a “Pill” for each and every one of those too. Those pills however have more side effects than benifits so you need other pills to neutralize those …and on and on we go .

Most of my 60+ year old patients when they fill out their medical history forum list many..often several dozens of medications they are taking …mostly government sposored of course…Pharma makes you sick and Government pays them to do it…Brilliant Business model


“In other words, a person taking long-term antidepressants has a greater chance of dying from EVERYTHING, but especially from a heart attack. Which is even more depressing than whatever was depressing them to start with. “Here, take this pill to make you happy! But it might kill you.”