Redman said the prime minister, premiers, and medical officers of health are responsible for this “deadly Canadian response.”

“When areas of responsibility are not met, either by lack of due diligence or knowingly disregarding requirements, accountability must be enforced.”


WHO guidelines issued prior to COVID-19 warned against measures such as closing businesses and schools to curb pandemics
He pointed to a guidance document published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in September 2019, prior to the arrival of COVID-19, titled “Non-pharmaceutical public health measures for mitigating the risk and impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza.”

“The best infectious disease doctors in the world had produced this document repeatedly about every five years, last updated immediately before this pandemic,” Redman said.

“Out of the 15 [non-pharmaceutical interventions listed in the document]—ones that we’ve come to know, closure of business, closure of schools, isolation of people that have been exposed—all three of those were strongly recommended against in a pandemic of this nature,” he said. “Why? Because it was known from previous pandemics that those measures have no significant impact on the spread of a viral disease of the nature of COVID.”

Quarantine of exposed individuals, entry and exit screening for infection in travellers, border closure, and contact tracing are among the six non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) listed in the WHO document that are not recommended under any circumstances.


Pubic Health Heads Need to Roll For this….They actually acted COUNTER to the WHO guidelines and their OWN Policies.

ALL these Covidiots are from the Same School of Thought…They think Zero Covid is a Nobel Goal

The Science “Advisors” are complete Neanderthals and they have done untold Generational Damage to Society


“The intentional use of modelling (never considered for use in this manner) to create fear, the use of daily case counts to create fear, the use of specific cases to manipulate the public into belief that COVID-19 was equally deadly to all age groups, the use of the term ‘variants of concern’ with misleading percentages given for spread and terms like ‘may be more deadly,’ never attempting to place COVID-19 into perspective of other daily risks, acting as if lockdowns were the only way to save lives. These are all tools of fear to control the public,” he wrote.

The use of fear, whether intentionally or not, will result in long-term, unpredictable, uncontrollable, and severe collateral damage, he stated in his paper.

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