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Health officials in Laclede County Missouri and elsewhere are pulling back rather than ramping up health prevention measures, citing a December 7 letter from state Attorney General Eric Schmitt. The letter informed them of a recent court ruling that stripped state health agencies of a variety of disease-prevention powers, particularly regarding issuing isolation and quarantine orders. “You should stop enforcing and publicizing any such orders immediately,” the letter read.

The ruling comes from Judge Daniel Green of the Cole County Circuit Court, who entered a judgment on November 22 in the case of Shannon Robinson, et. al., v. Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). Robinson and her co-plaintiffs challenged health agencies’ powers to issue restrictions to prevent the spread of disease, such as ordering quarantines. Attorney General Schmitt defended DHSS in the case and has refused to appeal its outcome.
Green ruled, essentially, that it was unconstitutional for the state to delegate disease prevention powers to unelected health officials.

K2 and I were just saying there is NO Shortage of Material to Post here at the tent .

It’s hard to keep up.

Every Item we find and post is like a blockbuster .

Sometimes we post so much material I don’t read K2s posts and vica versa

We I just read this one and it’s a BlockBuster

Missouri is not a State we hear too much about .

The Biggest States Take all the Headlines usually

California and New York are leading the Progressive Leftards and Florida and Texas Lead the Patriots and Freedomophiles .

But THIS is HUGE IMO….We Need this to catch on…and I believe it must and will. Lets see how long it takes for More Red States and Counties to follow Missouri’s Lead !

And The USA is doing it’s thing and Leading the World in the Right Direction, Albeit with some setbacks

2 steps forward and 1 step back

Much respect for the Rebels who are saying No Mas and Moving on from the 24 Hour Fear Porn.

Takes Courage and Courage Begets Courage. We are being Tested. The Test of our Lives

How fitting it is that the “Show me” state is the one to Lead the way

The Courts in Missouri have effectively NEUTERED the Petty Tyrant Little Health “Officials” in each of their little Fifedoms who have been telling everybody exactly what they cannot do and must do all day every day.

It took a while but the signs are now here. This has Got to be a Movement Pass it On


Missouri vs Masks !

Never even knew the Governor’s Name . He has been Low Key until Now

The A G who seems to have “lost” the case on purpose