NOW THAT WE KNOW THERE IS NO NOVEL CORONAVIRUS ….no proof at all that Sars 2 even exists. A realBullshit Virus !

We must turn our attention to the real Virus in our midst.

This Virus is real.

The last time it struck was 25 years ago .

The Virus has No name but the disease it causes does.

Gold Fever.

There is NO Cure.

100% Mortality rate.

I “caught it in about 1994 ( They called it the bre-x virus back in that time.)

Anything trading on the Vancouver Stock Exchange ( Now the CDNX) with the word “Gold” in it

went nuckin futz.

This all happened during a period when Gold the metal went NOWHERE…it hovered around $400 an ounce and was in the middle of a prolonged 20 year bear market which followed the 1980 parabolic move to $800.

I bought a stock called Bandore Resources…a small explorer with a property in Timmins Ont.

Whenever they announced a drill went crazy !

I rode it from $1.40 to $14 in about a year….then the BRE-X head geologist who just had accepted geologist of the decade award at the PDAC in Toronto…jumped out of a helicopter in Indonesia…and all the explorers crashed with him….but when you have Gold fever You are paralyzed from the brain down…so you cannot hit the sell button…So I rode Bandore and others back down …from $14 to 14 cents.

The disease is lethal but it becomes latent and remains for 20 to 25 years before it resurfaces .

Welll it’s Baaaaack.

Actually the First wave was in early 2016…but it didn’t amount to much and faded away…just a few 10 baggers…NOW we have the dreaded second wave….100 baggers will be the norm.

I think the Coronakids have it and are all at Robinhood…super spreading it.

I hear they are developing a PCR test to detect it and soon it will be charted at the John’s Hopkins and Worldometer sites. But there are NO asymptomatic cases…so beware…lock yourselves down if you don’t want to catch this thing….I think it just went viral yesterday.

You can tell by monitoring the most obscure of the micro miners…affectionately called Rock’s…as in Spock’s Rocks

These charts from Stormpilgrim at the Chartology Forum.

Poor buggar has it bad !

Symptons :

Irrational giddiness

Intermittant Vomitting

Constant state of Euphoria

Severe disorientation

Goosebumps every weekday morning at 9:20 AM


Loss of sense !

Laughing all the way to the Bank

ending in Financial Suicide

Gooooodl Fever …it’s baaaaaaaack and there is NO Cure

So get Your Ass In Gear