Spock’s Rock Portfolio has been sitting dormant waiting for some signs of life in the Gold Micro Explorer Sector.

It has now been revived.

With a new twist

“I have changed the scope of the Rock Matrix. It now tracks over 100 rocks, looking for long term trends and trend changes. Below is the first edition. Based on the last monthly closing:

1. 40% are in long term UPTREND
2. 15% are in long term DOWNTREND
3. 35% are trending sideways

We need to see greater than 50% in long term UPTREND and less than 10% in DOWNTREND, to confirm a sustainable bull market is back in this beaten down sector.”

So Spock will be tracking and eventually buying and selling 100 different Rocks

As we know this is the most volatile Sector in the Goldosphere.

Of note : His portfolio which has not changed since it was put on hold a year ago is still up 25% from Jan 2016 inception.

Not bad considering the carnage for the last 3 years.

It was 3 years ago right around now that the 2016 7 month moonshot dried out and faded and faded and faded.

Now its time to speculate in the Rocks once again.

Good luck to all who dare to dream of 100 baggers.

They are all potentially here at Spock Global Matrix ( along with Spock’s Global Portfolio)